Season 12 has begun

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Season 12 begins!
The new beginning is the call for the endless war between the Humans and Akkans
Hear the loud bells ringing at the homes of the Kartefants.
Hear the Merkhadians on the other hand blowing the horns of war,
Calling out every Warfarian for the Season of its own to come
join the battle of the races again.
As the Destroyer awaits its master,
It’s an awakening, a new era for Warfarians as the door is open for Season 12!

Rewards for top 3 of all classes for Season 11 have been distributed!

The clouds darken and the Humans and Akkans race out.
In the brink of war, they look up at the sky.
It is almost dark as if the night has fallen upon them.
Little do they know the dark energies are casted upon the lands.
The loud thunder and the chill winds sweeping through whispers
“Here comes the Destroyer. He who wears it, will be ruthless forever”

Do you have what it takes to be the top Warfarian?
The top player of your class?
The honoured and admired gamer of your race?
Now is the time to sharpen your blades and get ready for WARRRRRRR!!!

Destroyer item stats: Destroyer Item stats

A new Warfarian will only require less than 2 hours to level up to level 95.
Human’s leveling ground are at the South Coast, Sainna Island and Caernarvon.
Akkans leveling ground are at the Leihan, Misery Island and Caernarvon.
Warfarians may purchase tonics in the General item Merchant which aids
in leveling

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Human leveling guide: A beginner's guide to Warfare Online - Human (Level 1-95)
Akkan leveling guide: A beginner's guide to Warfare Online - Ak'Kan (Level 1-95)

Warfarians can use the gold picked up during leveling to buy
beginner items such as armors, weapons, jewelries from the Beginner NPC’s.
Beginner items have close to top stats and are already capped at +7
Insert large gems into the beginner weapons, helmet
and armor to gain additional stats.

A Warfarian is ready for war once he or she is

  • Fully equipped with beginner items
  • Learned all required skill books
  • Stocked with M/L/G tonics

Warfarians can farm for Metals and Gems from monsters
that are vastly found at Addon Keep, Wirtz Keep,
Edinburgh & Grand Pole Valley.

Metals ores (Spens, Mitchell, Yiterni, Tears of Sparda)
are used for equipment (armor and weapons) enhancement.

Gemstones(Ruby, Diamond, Sapphire, Blackmoon, Beryl, Andesine & Amethyst)
are used to create Large or Giant (hp,mp,atk,def,arena,str) tonics.

Warfarians can also obtain various types of items
to build their character by completing quest.
Quest Materials can be obtained from hunting Bosses and Monsters.

Explore the remastered Caernarvon map to quest, farm or hunt
down farmers

Visit the guide section for more information

The fastest way of getting your character to advance is by joining wars.
Join wars in the Arena, Battle Lohan and Almighty Land
by going to the Teleportation Centre located at Caernarvon :
Green Wales (Human)

In the Arena,
each race has 1 specific re-spawn point which is the safe zone,
an area in which a race can regroup without getting any
damage from the opposing race.

The goal in the arena is to conquer all 3 towers
50 medals per minute is gained if all towers are conquered.

Concurrently, there will be the Manhunt.
Arena Manhunt is a game-play wherein it nominates 1 player
from each race to become a target.
The target will have boosted stats.
Kill the target and gain a 200 medal bonus.

Arena manhunt minigame guide

The Battle Lohan is available every Thursdays to Saturdays.
Explore 8 unique rooms with different themes:

Alcatraz, an abandoned dungeon
Kattegat, a river bridge connecting your enemies
Abaddon, depicting hell
Valhalla, an Ottoman empire desert battleground
Corinthia, the Viking’s land of cold winter
Dreadfort, a grave of the dead man
Agios, the gladiator ring on the sea

Mercatura is a trading map and all who comes here, comes in peace.
Buy or trade items from other Warfarians stalls using medals.
Warfarians can opt to gamble for Weapons, Helmets and Armors at
the Blackmarket NPC’s using Gold.

Warfarians can party with other warfarians in game
or form new guilds and hunt for high EXP Bosses and Monsters.
Earn Items and Quest Materials as a reward.

Party leveling Guide

Solo leveling Guide

Warfarians can build a guild and participate in the guild war events.
The top 5 guilds can earn up to 100,000 medals!
Guild wars are carried out once every 2 months.

In Season 12,
All Warfarians will have access to a separate public beta server.
All updates will be tested and fine tuned before it is
implemented in the real server. This ensures that all bugs
and balance issues are solved so that every Warfarian can
experience the greatest seasons of them all.