A beginner's guide to Warfare Online - Ak'Kan (Level 1-95)

Hello everyone!

Citizens of Warfare Online, here is a beginner’s guide that will help you in leveling and item progression.

The maximum level a player can obtain is currently set at Level 98.
The soft cap in leveling is from Level 1-95.
The progression between Level 95-98 is the hard cap where you can either solo level up 95-98 or party level up 95-98.

First, let’s work with the leveling aspect of the game from Level 1-95 and how to go around the map as you level up.

Note: Make sure to upgrade your class once you achieve Level 10 in order to use the higher tier skills.
At level 10, you may speak to your class trainer and choose the class upgrade that you want to become.

Note: Make sure to loot as many gold as possible during your leveling grind, it will be very useful in the long run and specially once you hit the soft cap Level 95.

NPC Info:
General Merchant - sells HP recovery food / arrows / scrolls
Armor Merchant - sells basic armor pieces
Weapon Merchant - sells basic weaponry
Blacksmith - provides item enhancement

Addon Keep / Wirtz Keep NPC Info:
Hex Bartender - sells HP/MP Pots

The skills are learned through books that are being sold by your class trainer.
Level 1 up to Level 3 books are sold by the class trainers while the Level 4 books has a chance drop or looted from the defeated monsters.

The stat points that you gain in every level can be distributed to your Strength, Intellect, Dexterity, Constitution and Wisdom depending on what your class is, make sure to pay attention to your class trainer during the class upgrade process so that you know which stats is best for your class.

Starting map for Merkhadian (Ak’kan) is at the Leihan region.

Leveling Criteria for Leihan region - Merkhadian (Ak’kan

Level 1-15 : Opeiny
Level 15-25 : Viem camp
Level 20-25 : Abandoned Village
Level 25-35 : Egret
Level 30-35 : Hizna Camp
Level 35-45 : Northern Hizna Camp

Moving on, you will have to move to the next region in order to fight stronger monsters that will grant you with a much better leveling experience. To travel beyond the starting region, you must proceed to the teleportation portal.

For the Merkhadian (Ak’kan), you must go back to Opeiny and talk to the Teleport Guardian to Misery Island.

Leveling Criteria for Misery Island - Merkhadian (Ak’kan)

Level 40-45 : Bariwine
Level 45-50 : Wolledi
Level 45-50 : Carlline
Level 50:55 : Balleda
Level 50-55 : Charcoal
Level 55-65 : Atascadero

And here we are, the Caernarvon region.

This is the region for leveling grind from Level 65-95.
The hard cap in leveling between Level 95-96 takes place in Caernarvon as well, these are bosses and mini bosses in specific areas in Caernarvon and these are the only monsters that grants experience for the Level 95-95 leveling grind. There is an item called Experience ball that randomly drops from mini bosses and boss that grants experience as well.

The boss and their mini boss location, I will have you find them out yourself :slight_smile: a bit of an extra challenge for a newbie right? darn right :stuck_out_tongue:

The Kartefant (Humans) territory are Vitory, Addon Keep and Middle Camp.
The Merkhadian (Ak’kan) territory are Clauzhauz, Wirtz Keep and Roche Camp.

For Merkhadian (Ak’kan), in order to get to Caernarvon:
A. Use the teleportation portal in Misery Island near Denstar
B. Use the teleportation portal in Leihan region near Unite

In the Caernarvon region, anyone can level anywhere they want to just be careful though because the opposing race can attack you anytime while you are busy grinding for experience.

Leveling Criteria for Caernarvon region.
Level 60-65 : Middle Camp; Roche Camp
Level 65-70 : Addon Keep; Wirtz Keep
Level 70-75 : Vitory; Clauzhauz
Level 75-95 : Grand Pole Valley (attack Mr. EXP only)

For starters, for those who just hit Level 95; I strongly advise that you work your way towards the following sets of gears during your transition towards the end game itemization.

  1. Beginner Set
    The Beginner Set can be purchased from the Beginner NPC with the use of gold.
    Wirtz Keep - Beginner NPC for Merkhadian (Ak’kan)
  1. Firstblood Set
    The Firstblood Set can be purchased from the Firstblood NPC with the use of medal.
    Note: Medals are gained from battlegrounds such as Arena, Battle Lohan and Almighty Land. In order to gain as much medal as possible is to join a party in the battleground and eliminate the opposing race in war.
    Wirtz Keep - Firstblood NPC for Merkhadian (Ak’kan)

Note: These are builds common builds for each class, you may tweak them according to your style of game play.


  • increases melee weapons damage (+1 attack each 2 str.)
  • increases weight limitation for inventory


  • increases moving speed
  • increases extra attack for (Archer, Assassin, ShadowOff, Gunner)
  • increases extra defence
  • increases damage for (Archer, Assassin, ShadowOff)
  • increases long distance weapon damage such as bow
  • increases critical hit %
  • increases skill charge rate


  • increases HP


  • increases MP
  • adds extra skills for every 10 INTELLECT point added


  • increases MP (only for acolyte classes)
  • makes healing more powerful
  • increases magic resistance

Attacker : 140CON and 150DEX, from here you may allocate all of your points to STR
Attacker Skills : Maximize Blade Mastery, Energy Absorption, Pummel and Sky rocket.
For utility, learn Flexibility/Evasion skill at least Level 2

Templar : 150DEX and allocate all of your points to STR
Templar Skills : Maximize the mastery of whatever one handed weapon that you wish to use. I advise to go for Blade mastery and use sword as a new player. Make sure to maximize your buffs for block and mix and max your offensive skills together with pummel.
For utility, learn Flexibility/Evasion skill at least Level 2

Gunner : Set the rest of your points to DEX to maximize your damage output.
Gunner Skills : Maximize the rest of your Gunner skills.
For utility, learn Flexibility/Evasion skill at least Level 2 and think skin for party defense buff

RuneOff : 160DEX and at least 110CON, then allocate all of your points to INT or more CON for survival.
RuneOff Skills : Learn Poison, Gaia, Lightning up to Level 4.
Make sure to learn Flexibility/Evasion at least up to Level 2 and Bloody Mana up to 3.5 or 4.
If you have extra skill slot it is best to get Weapon enchant for party buff.

LifeOff : 160DEX and at least 110CON, then allocate all of your points to WIS or more CON for survival.
LifeOff Skills : It is best to get Heal to Level 4 and maximize Courage/Bless for party buff.
For utility, learn Flexibility/Evasion skill at least Level 2

ShadowOff : Set the rest of your points to DEX to maximize your damage output.
ShadowOff Skills : Maximize the rest of your ShadowOff skills and learn Pummel for stun utility.
For utility, learn Flexibility/Evasion skill at least Level 2