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Is the Warfare Online game free?

Yes. :wink:

How can I register for a gaming account?


Where is the download link for the Warfare Online client installer?


What the difference between a Web account and In-game account?

Web account is your login in order to access the website / forum. It is basically your registered email. In-game account is your login ID in the Warfare Online game which you created in your Web account. A web account can managed up to 5 game accounts.

How can I retrieve my in game vault password?


For the security PIN feature, how can I add it in my account?


How can I retrieve my security PIN?

Contact the online support team at : How to contact us

How can I add my old account to merge it with my other in game accounts?


How to change my in-game account password?

How to change your in-game account password

How to retrieve my in-game account password?

How to retrieve your in-game account password

What is the system requirement for the game to work?

System Requirements

For starters, what are the mechanics in order to play this game?


What are the roles available and the classes that I can play?


Leveling guide for new Level cap 95-96

A beginner's guide to Warfare Online - Ak'Kan (Level 1-95)

Is there a walk-through with regards to in game questing?


Is there a list of top weapon and armor status?


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