Season 12 : Event #12(Donation Bonanza)

Warfare Tokens are on a seasonal SALE Warfarians !!
Receive an Additional 20% of MORE TOKENS this time around!

Engage in compelling adventures at the Caernarvon,
Conquer towers at the Arena & Start massacres at the Battle Lohan
with enhanced items using Warfare Tokens!

Browse through the Donation items listed here:

Human Donation List

Akkan Donation List

Jewelry Donation List

Don’t miss this perfect opportunity to craft the majestic Crescent Charm, desirable Rings & Necklaces!

How to craft Crescent Charm (Donation)

How to craft Crescent Charm (Donation) +1

How to craft +4A/+4B Ring / Necklace

How to craft +5 Ring / Necklace

Till 12th of May this deal shall stay,
An alluring access to battle anyway,
The end of Season 12 is nearing everyday,
One hell of a ride it is so fire away.

Contact @warfaredonate through the Telegram app for more information