[GUIDE] How to craft Crescent Charm (Donation) +1

Made of gold thread and mulberry silk, wearing one of the finest amongst Warfarians will not only look majestic but is bestowed to provide strength in battle.

STEP 1 : Look for the Crescent Charm Alchemist II in the Castles of Caernarvon, Addon Keep(Kartefants) / Wirtz Keep(Merkhadians).

1 ss
Select the Crescent Charm (Donation)+1 you wish to craft

STEP 2 : Obtain the required items to craft a Crescent Charm(Donation)+1.


  • 12x Metal Chest
  • 12x Gem Chest
  • 1x Crescent Charm of Bless(Donation)
  • 1x Crescent Charm of Armor(Donation)
  • 1x Crescent Charm of Priest(Donation)

NOTE : You may follow the steps here on How to craft a Crescent Charm (Donation)

STEP 3 : Once you have all the required items, make sure you have enough space in your inventory and speak to the Crescent Charm Alchemist II.

3 ss

Congratulations! You have crafted the Crescent Charm (Donation) +1 !
NOTE: If your inventory is full, the Crescent Charm (Donation) +1 will drop to the ground.