[GUIDE] How to craft +4A/+4B Ring / Necklace


A Warfarian once said, “The one who wears a +4A or +4B Ring or Necklace had undeniable damage-almost indestructible.”

STEP 1 : Look for the Jewel Enhancer V in the Castles of Caernarvon, Addon Keep(Kartefants) / Wirtz Keep(Merkhadians). Select the Ring / Necklace you wish to enhance.

6 - double check items 1

STEP 2 : Obtain the required items from the Donation dealer OR Buy it from other Warfarians

5 Jewelry Ang Pau
5 Golden Jewelry Ang Pau
1 Ring of Power(Donation)+4

NOTE : Ring box / Necklace box outcomes are random! You might get a different jewelry than what you are looking for.

STEP 3 : Talk to Jewel Enhancer V NPC to craft the +4 Ring/Necklace box

NOTE: If your inventory is full, the item will drop to the ground.

7 - got the box

Finally, you may open the Ring / Necklace box to view your crafted item. Magic & trickery enfolds these boxes as you may obtain either a +4 / +4A / +4B or +3 Necklace / Ring


NOTE : You may repeat the steps to try and obtain another +4 Ring / Necklace which you need

GM the mutant quest reward just golden/jewelry angpao x2…can you added more reward like x6…so hard for us newbie/solo player/people from diffrent timezone to kill boss since the jewelry fail rate