[GUIDE] How to craft +5 Ring / Necklace


“The +5 Ring & Necklace are not merely ornaments worn to adorn as it carries great power for the one who dares open the box”

STEP 1 : Look for the Jewel Enhancer VI in the Castles of Caernarvon, Addon Keep(Kartefants) / Wirtz Keep(Merkhadians). Select the Ring / Necklace you wish to craft.


STEP 2 : Obtain the required items from the Donation dealer OR Buy it from other Warfarians

12x Jewelry Ang Pau
12x Golden Jewelry Ang Pau
9x Metal Chest
9x Gem Chest
1x Ring of Power(Donation)+4
1x Ring of Power(Donation)+4A
1x Ring of Power(Donation)+4B

NOTE : You may follow the steps here on How to make +4A/+4B Ring / Necklace

STEP 3 : Talk to Jewel Enhancer VI to craft the +5 Ring/Necklace box

NOTE : The Ring / Necklace Box (Donation) +5 may contain one of the following items :

Ring / Necklace +5
Ring / Necklace +5A
Ring / Necklace +5B