Season 17 Begins!


The Salvator is here to dominate with one motive and that shall be to bring allies together and rise… Starting today the 4th of October 2021 till the 29th of January 2022, the journey to become the greatest shall begin…

Only when a race stands together, will enemies be intimidated…
Kartefants and Merkhadians, Season 17’ s hope for unity among the race shall bring victory now onwards…

Rewards of Season 17: The Salvator Set & Bluecorium

Season 17’s reward represents the epitome of salvation, the Salvator Set items…

The Salvator will be ready to fall in the arms of the ones who fight for their race…
Together with the Salvator set as a reward is the enticing Bluecorium metals.
With the enhancement abilities it offers, many await for it to be in their possession.

Featuring Season 17’s Rewards In Favor Of The Top 5 Ranks Of Each Class:

Season 17’s Fame Cap Schedule

To achieve the top ranks, keep up with the fame cap schedule that requires perseverance and dedication. Await for the war during the final 4 hours with unlimited fame cap that will serve as the final verdict to whom will be worthy of the Salvator items in Season 17.

For future references, this schedule can be found in the Game Guides at this link: Fame Cap Schedule (Season 17)

Caernarvon, Misery island & Sainna Island Boss Drop Rate Improved

The item drop rates by the deadly bosses in Caernarvon, Misery Island & Sainna Island are improved. New items have also been discovered such as:

  • Gold Bullion
  • Glory Gems
  • Chlorine Gas
  • Mystery EXP Ball boxes
  • Mystery Jewelry Ang Pau bag
  • Mystery Pearl Bag
  • Crescent moon Bag

The new items mainly Gold Bullion, Glory Gems & Chlorine Gas are required alongside Medals to complete the +6 Jewelries Enhancement Quest.

To find out more on the Boss Locations and the chances of the items they drop, visit : A beginner's guide to Warfare Online - Party Leveling 95-98

The Quest To The Brand New +6 Jewelries

Adorn oneself with jewels that is not just for embellishment but for the sake of strength with the new +6 Jewels… By using medals and new quest materials such as Gold Bullion, Glory Gems & Chlorine Gas gathered by hunting Bosses, Warfarians may now enhance their jewelries to +6 at the Jewel Enhancer VII.

To find out more on the +6 Jewelries Item Stats, visit: Jewelry Stats (Rings and Necklaces)

Boosted Quest Rewards

Talib and The Boss Slayer Quests rewards has been boosted by 700%.
Complete the quests for valuable rewards right away.

Revamped Battle Lohan Rooms

Battle Lohan rooms 1,2,5 and 7 has undergone re-optimization that would serve a much larger population. Prepare to experience the adrenaline rush for the massive race wars awaiting these rooms…

Time To Conquer The Sovereign’s Orb Of Arcadia

The hollow gladiator ring reckoned to give powers to those who wish to rule is the next destination of Arcadia… A new adventure awaits the two greatest races, Kartefants and Merkhadians at this battlezone…

Upgraded Launcher

The launcher now has a VPN section with a drop-down selection to choose from. Warfarians can now see their ping to check their latency and choose a VPN of interest for a better gaming experience.


  • Reduced Medal Gain from PvP by 20%
  • Improved Necklace of Critical Box(Donation)+5 description
  • Improved character ideal animation
  • Fixed overlap bug at Jewel Enhancer NPC in WK

Events, Updates and More This Season 17

Race Wars, Guild Wars, Enemy Town Raids, Monster Hunts, Boss Hunts and more in store this Season 17!!

Note: To find out the Minimum Medal values for newly added items such as the Salvator Set, Gold Bullion, Glory Gems & Chlorine Gas visit : Medal Stall minimum value list

Please download and install the V2442 installer if you are having problems with the auto updater.
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