Jewelry Stats (Rings and Necklaces)


You will need the Jewelry ang pau in order to upgrade your jewels.

Young alchemist enhances +0 jewels 40% iron fail rate
Holy alchemist enhances +1 jewels 20% iron fail rate 40% roll back rate
Superior alchemist enhances +2 jewels 20% roll back to +0,+1,+2. 0 iron fail rate.

The fail rate is lower on donation jewels.

Defense Necklace Stats
Defense Necklace(Human/Akkan) DEF+4 ED+4
Defense Necklace(Human/Akkan)+1 DEF+4 ED+5
Defense Necklace(Human/Akkan)+2 DEF+5 ED+5
Defense Necklace(Human/Akkan)+2A DEF+5 ED+5 MR+1
Defense Necklace(Human/Akkan)+2B DEF+5 ED+5 BR+0.5%
Defense Necklace(Human/Akkan)+3 DEF+5 ED+6
Defense Necklace(Human/Akkan)+3A DEF+5 ED+6 MR+2
Defense Necklace(Human/Akkan)+3B DEF+5 ED+6 BR+1%
Defense Necklace(Human/Akkan)+4 DEF+6 ED+6
Defense Necklace(Human/Akkan)+4A DEF+6 ED+6 MR+3
Defense Necklace(Human/Akkan)+4B DEF+6 ED+6 BR+1.5%
Defense Necklace(Human/Akkan)+5 DEF+6 ED+7
Defense Necklace(Human/Akkan)+5A DEF+6 ED+7 MR+4
Defense Necklace(Human/Akkan)+5B DEF+6 ED+7 BR+2%
Defense Necklace(Human/Akkan)+6 DEF+7 ED+7
Defense Necklace(Human/Akkan)+6A DEF+7 ED+7 MR+5
Defense Necklace(Human/Akkan)+6B DEF+7 ED+7 BR+2.5%

Attack Ring Stats
Attack Ring (Human/Akkan) DMG 1-3 EA+3
Attack Ring (Human/Akkan)+1 DMG 2-3 EA+4
Attack Ring (Human/Akkan)+2 DMG 3-3 EA+4
Attack Ring (Human/Akkan)+2A DMG 3-3 EA+4 CR+1%
Attack Ring (Human/Akkan)+2B DMG 3-3 EA+4 STR+1
Attack Ring (Human/Akkan)+3 DMG 3-4 EA+5
Attack Ring (Human/Akkan)+3A DMG 3-4 EA+5 CR+1%
Attack Ring (Human/Akkan)+3B DMG 3-4 EA+5 STR+1
Attack Ring (Human/Akkan)+4 DMG 4-4 EA+6
Attack Ring (Human/Akkan)+4A DMG 4-4 EA+6 CR+1%
Attack Ring (Human/Akkan)+4B DMG 4-4 EA+6 STR+1
Attack Ring (Human/Akkan)+5 DMG 4-5 EA+7
Attack Ring (Human/Akkan)+5A DMG 4-5 EA+7 CR+1%
Attack Ring (Human/Akkan)+5B DMG 4-5 EA+7 STR+1
Attack Ring (Human/Akkan)+6 DMG 5-5 EA+7
Attack Ring (Human/Akkan)+6A DMG 5-5 EA+7 CR+2%
Attack Ring (Human/Akkan)+6B DMG 5-5 EA+7 STR+2

Ring Of Caernarvon Stats
Ring Of Caernarvon (Human/Akkan) MR+5
Ring Of Caernarvon (Human/Akkan)+1 MR+10
Ring Of Caernarvon (Human/Akkan)+2 MR+15
Ring Of Caernarvon (Human/Akkan)+2A MR+15 DEF+1
Ring Of Caernarvon (Human/Akkan)+2B MR+15 BR+0.5%
Ring Of Caernarvon (Human/Akkan)+3 MR+20
Ring Of Caernarvon (Human/Akkan)+3A MR+20 DEF+1
Ring Of Caernarvon (Human/Akkan)+3B MR+20 BR+0.5%
Ring Of Caernarvon (Human/Akkan)+4 MR+25
Ring Of Caernarvon (Human/Akkan)+4A MR+25 DEF+2
Ring Of Caernarvon (Human/Akkan)+4B MR+25 BR+1%
Ring Of Caernarvon (Human/Akkan)+5 MR+30
Ring Of Caernarvon (Human/Akkan)+5A MR+30 DEF+2
Ring Of Caernarvon (Human/Akkan)+5B MR+30 BR+1%
Ring Of Caernarvon (Human/Akkan)+6 MR+35
Ring Of Caernarvon (Human/Akkan)+6A MR+35 DEF+3
Ring Of Caernarvon (Human/Akkan)+6B MR+35 BR+2%

Necklace Of Heath Stats
Necklace Of Heath (Human/Akkan) MR+2 BR+2.0% HP+400
Necklace Of Heath (Human/Akkan)+1 MR+3 BR+3.0% HP+600
Necklace Of Heath (Human/Akkan)+2 MR+4 BR+3.5% HP+800
Necklace Of Heath (Human/Akkan)+2A MR+4 BR+3.5% HP+800 HPR+3
Necklace Of Heath (Human/Akkan)+2B MR+4 BR+3.5% HP+800 MPR+3
Necklace Of Heath (Human/Akkan)+3 MR+5 BR+4% HP+900
Necklace Of Heath (Human/Akkan)+3A MR+5 BR+4% HP+900 HPR+3
Necklace Of Heath (Human/Akkan)+3B MR+5 BR+4% HP+900 MPR+3
Necklace Of Heath (Human/Akkan)+4 MR+6 BR+4.5% HP+1000
Necklace Of Heath (Human/Akkan)+4A MR+6 BR+4.5% HP+1000 HPR+6
Necklace Of Heath (Human/Akkan)+4B MR+6 BR+4.5% HP+1000 MPR+6
Necklace Of Heath (Human/Akkan)+5 MR+7 BR+5.0% HP+1100
Necklace Of Heath (Human/Akkan)+5A MR+7 BR+5.0% HP+1100 HPR+6
Necklace Of Heath (Human/Akkan)+5B MR+7 BR+5.0% HP+1100 MPR+6
Necklace Of Heath (Human/Akkan)+6 MR+8 BR+5.5% HP+1200
Necklace Of Heath (Human/Akkan)+6A MR+8 BR+5.5% HP+1200 HPR+9
Necklace Of Heath (Human/Akkan)+6B MR+8 BR+5.5% HP+1200 MPR+9

Critical Necklace Stats
Critical Necklace (Human/Akkan) CR+3%
Critical Necklace (Human/Akkan)+1 CR+4%
Critical Necklace (Human/Akkan)+2 CR+5%
Critical Necklace (Human/Akkan)+2A CR+5% ED+1
Critical Necklace (Human/Akkan)+2B CR+5% EA+1
Critical Necklace (Human/Akkan)+3 CR+6%
Critical Necklace (Human/Akkan)+3A CR+6% ED+1
Critical Necklace (Human/Akkan)+3B CR+6% EA+1
Critical Necklace (Human/Akkan)+4 CR+7%
Critical Necklace (Human/Akkan)+4A CR+7% ED+1
Critical Necklace (Human/Akkan)+4B CR+7% EA+1
Critical Necklace (Human/Akkan)+5 CR+8%
Critical Necklace (Human/Akkan)+5A CR+8% ED+2
Critical Necklace (Human/Akkan)+5B CR+8% EA+2
Critical Necklace (Human/Akkan)+6 CR+9%
Critical Necklace (Human/Akkan)+6A CR+9% ED+2
Critical Necklace (Human/Akkan)+6B CR+9% EA+2

Ring Of RYL Stats
Ring Of RYL (Human/Akkan)+1 STR+2/DEX+3/CON+2/INT+3/WIS+2
Ring Of RYL (Human/Akkan)+2 STR+3/DEX+4/CON+3/INT+4/WIS+3
Ring Of RYL (Human/Akkan)+2A STR+3/DEX+4/CON+3/INT+4/WIS+3 MR+3
Ring Of RYL (Human/Akkan)+2B STR+3/DEX+4/CON+3/INT+4/WIS+3 DEF+1
Ring Of RYL (Human/Akkan)+3 STR+4/DEX+4/CON+4/INT+4/WIS+4
Ring Of RYL (Human/Akkan)+3A STR+4/DEX+4/CON+4/INT+4/WIS+4 MR+3
Ring Of RYL (Human/Akkan)+3B STR+4/DEX+4/CON+4/INT+4/WIS+4 DEF+1
Ring Of RYL (Human/Akkan)+4 STR+4/DEX+5/CON+4/INT+5/WIS+4
Ring Of RYL (Human/Akkan)+4A STR+4/DEX+5/CON+4/INT+5/WIS+4 MR+6
Ring Of RYL (Human/Akkan)+4B STR+4/DEX+5/CON+4/INT+5/WIS+4 DEF+2
Ring Of RYL (Human/Akkan)+5 STR+5/DEX+5/CON+5/INT+5/WIS+5
Ring Of RYL (Human/Akkan)+5A STR+5/DEX+5/CON+5/INT+5/WIS+5 MR+6
Ring Of RYL (Human/Akkan)+5B STR+5/DEX+5/CON+5/INT+5/WIS+5 DEF+2
Ring Of RYL (Human/Akkan)+6 STR+5/DEX+6/CON+5/INT+6/WIS+5
Ring Of RYL (Human/Akkan)+6A STR+5/DEX+6/CON+5/INT+6/WIS+5 MR+9
Ring Of RYL (Human/Akkan)+6B STR+5/DEX+6/CON+5/INT+6/WIS+5 DEF+3

Jewelry (Donation)
Ring Of Warfare(Donation) Stats
Ring Of Warfare(Donation) STR+4/DEX+4/CON+4/INT+4/WIS+4 BR+0.5%
Ring Of Warfare(Donation)+2 STR+4/DEX+5/CON+4/INT+5/WIS+4 BR+1%
Ring Of Warfare(Donation)+2A STR+4/DEX+5/CON+4/INT+5/WIS+4 BR+1% MR+3
Ring Of Warfare(Donation)+2B STR+4/DEX+5/CON+4/INT+5/WIS+4 BR+1% DEF+1
Ring Of Warfare(Donation)+3 STR+5/DEX+5/CON+5/INT+5/WIS+5 BR+1.5%
Ring Of Warfare(Donation)+3A STR+5/DEX+5/CON+5/INT+5/WIS+5 BR+1.5% MR+3
Ring Of Warfare(Donation)+3B STR+5/DEX+5/CON+5/INT+5/WIS+5 BR+1.5% DEF+1
Ring Of Warfare(Donation)+4 STR+5/DEX+6/CON+5/INT+6/WIS+5 BR+1.5%
Ring Of Warfare(Donation)+4A STR+5/DEX+6/CON+5/INT+6/WIS+5 BR+1.5% MR+6
Ring Of Warfare(Donation)+4B STR+5/DEX+6/CON+5/INT+6/WIS+5 BR+1.5% DEF+2
Ring Of Warfare(Donation)+5 STR+6/DEX+6/CON+6/INT+6/WIS+6 BR+2.0%
Ring Of Warfare(Donation)+5A STR+6/DEX+6/CON+6/INT+6/WIS+6 BR+2.0% MR+6
Ring Of Warfare(Donation)+5B STR+6/DEX+6/CON+6/INT+6/WIS+6 BR+2.0% DEF+2
Ring Of Warfare(Donation)+6 STR+6/DEX+7/CON+6/INT+7/WIS+6 BR+2.5%
Ring Of Warfare(Donation)+6A STR+6/DEX+7/CON+6/INT+7/WIS+6 BR+2.5% MR+9
Ring Of Warfare(Donation)+6B STR+6/DEX+7/CON+6/INT+7/WIS+6 BR+2.5% DEF+3

Ring Of Power(Donation) Stats
Ring of Power(Donation) DMG 3-3 EA+4
Ring of Power(Donation)+1 DMG 3-4 EA+5
Ring of Power(Donation)+2 DMG 4-4 EA+5 DEX+1
Ring of Power(Donation)+2A DMG 4-4 EA+5 CR+2%
Ring of Power(Donation)+2B DMG 4-4 EA+5 STR+2
Ring of Power(Donation)+3 DMG 4-5 EA+6 DEX+1
Ring of Power(Donation)+3A DMG 4-5 EA+6 CR+2
Ring of Power(Donation)+3B DMG 4-5 EA+6 STR+2
Ring of Power(Donation)+4 DMG 5-5 EA+7 DEX+1
Ring of Power(Donation)+4A DMG 5-5 EA+7 CR+2%
Ring of Power(Donation)+4B DMG 5-5 EA+7 STR+2
Ring of Power(Donation)+5 DMG 5-6 EA+8 DEX+1
Ring of Power(Donation)+5A DMG 5-6 EA+8 CR+2%
Ring of Power(Donation)+5B DMG 5-6 EA+8 STR+2
Ring of Power(Donation)+6 DMG 6-6 EA+9 DEX+1
Ring of Power(Donation)+6A DMG 6-6 EA+9 CR+2%
Ring of Power(Donation)+6B DMG 6-6 EA+9 STR+2

Necklace of Critical(Donation) Stats
Necklace of Critical(Donation) CR+5%
Necklace of Critical(Donation)+1 CR+6%
Necklace of Critical(Donation)+2 CR+6% DEX+1
Necklace of Critical(Donation)+2A CR+6% ED+2
Necklace of Critical(Donation)+2B CR+6% EA+2
Necklace of Critical(Donation)+3 CR+7% DEX+1
Necklace of Critical(Donation)+3A CR+7% ED+2
Necklace of Critical(Donation)+3B CR+7% EA+2
Necklace of Critical(Donation)+4 CR+8% DEX+1
Necklace of Critical(Donation)+4A CR+8% ED+3
Necklace of Critical(Donation)+4B CR+8% EA+3
Necklace of Critical(Donation)+5 CR+9% DEX+1
Necklace of Critical(Donation)+5A CR+9% ED+4
Necklace of Critical(Donation)+5B CR+9% EA+4
Necklace of Critical(Donation)+6 CR+10% DEX+1
Necklace of Critical(Donation)+6A CR+10% ED+5
Necklace of Critical(Donation)+6B CR+10% EA+5

Ring of Magic(Donation) Stats
Ring of Magic resist(Donation) MR+9
Ring of Magic resist(Donation)+1 MR+13
Ring of Magic resist(Donation)+2 MR+23
Ring of Magic resist(Donation)+2A MR+23 DEF+2
Ring of Magic resist(Donation)+2B MR+23 BR+1.5%
Ring of Magic resist(Donation)+3 MR+30
Ring of Magic resist(Donation)+3A MR+30 DEF+3
Ring of Magic resist(Donation)+3B MR+30 BR+2%
Ring of Magic resist(Donation)+4 MR+34
Ring of Magic resist(Donation)+4A MR+34 DEF+3
Ring of Magic resist(Donation)+4B MR+34 BR+2%
Ring of Magic resist(Donation)+5 MR+38
Ring of Magic resist(Donation)+5A MR+38 DEF+4
Ring of Magic resist(Donation)+5B MR+38 BR+2.5%
Ring of Magic resist(Donation)+6 MR+41
Ring of Magic resist(Donation)+6A MR+41 DEF+5
Ring of Magic resist(Donation)+6B MR+41 BR+3%

Necklace of endurance(Donation) Stats
Necklace of endurance(Donation) DEF+4 ED+5
Necklace of endurance(Donation)+1 DEF+5 ED+5
Necklace of endurance(Donation)+2 DEF+5 ED+6 DEX+1
Necklace of endurance(Donation)+2A DEF+5 ED+6 MR+3
Necklace of endurance(Donation)+2B DEF+5 ED+6 BR+1.5%
Necklace of endurance(Donation)+3 DEF+6 ED+6 DEX+1
Necklace of endurance(Donation)+3A DEF+6 ED+6 MR+4
Necklace of endurance(Donation)+3B DEF+6 ED+6 BR+2%
Necklace of endurance(Donation)+4 DEF+7 ED+7 DEX+1
Necklace of endurance(Donation)+4A DEF+7 ED+7 MR+5
Necklace of endurance(Donation)+4B DEF+7 ED+7 BR+2.5%
Necklace of endurance(Donation)+5 DEF+7 ED+8 DEX+1
Necklace of endurance(Donation)+5A DEF+7 ED+8 MR+6
Necklace of endurance(Donation)+5B DEF+7 ED+8 BR+3%
Necklace of endurance(Donation)+6 DEF+8 ED+8 DEX+1
Necklace of endurance(Donation)+6A DEF+8 ED+8 MR+7
Necklace of endurance(Donation)+6B DEF+8 ED+8 BR+3.5%