Season 13 Discussion


Season 12 is at its end and what a journey it has been!

Warfare’s population has significantly increased and we have people from all around the world joining us every day. With the increase in Warfarians, our management team has expanded with more developers on board. We are working on delivering endless adventures with plenty of intriguing quests, treasure hunts, solo explorations and definitely more bloodbath wars.

In Season 13, we will be releasing patch updates throughout the season to frequently entertain our Warfarians. This is done to give the most desirable gaming experience in the upcoming 4 months. So, await the enticing tales and risky ventures yet to be told for what lies ahead is going to be bold…

Here are Season 13’s patch notes up for discussion


  1. Added Destroyer Sets
  2. Improved Skillbook Interface
  3. Improved mystery boxes item description
  4. New rare metal to upgrade items introduced
  5. BGL armor upgrade cost decreased


  1. 9 new bosses and monsters added for events
  2. Monster’s artificial intelligence to combat macros have been improved
  3. Treasure boxes will spawn randomly at Caernarvon with greater rewards


  1. Arena terrain revamp to improve gameplay
  2. New Arena gameplay, base towers acts as safezones and are moved closer to camps.
  3. New bosses will be randomly spawned in the Arena which drops a rare metal
  4. Battle Lohan revamp to reduce FPS drops.


  1. Black market NPC’s in Mercatura relocated to Leihan and South Coast.

Bugs fixed

  1. Camouflage and Dodge stuck bug fixed
  2. Assassins can now drill without clicking S
  3. Fixed Attacker’s animation bug when executing 3 skills rapidly


  1. Item and gold pickup is now smoother and faster

The following updates are pending. It is expected to be released at the first quarter of Season 13. Do let us know if we have missed anything.

Exploits/Bug fix

  1. Firewing peacemode farming bug
  2. Resurrection skill bug in Almighty Land

Web development

  1. Improved security features
  2. Re launch referral event

Season 13 rewards are also up for discussion. So, do not hesitate to give us your feedback.

Rank 1 in class = Destroyer Armor
Rank 2 in class = Destroyer Helmet
Rank 3 in class = Destroyer Arm/Glove
Rank 4 in class = Destroyer Pant/Boot

Our team will be on standby to go through all your feedback and comments on our game play, mods, mechanics and rewards. Feel free to give more opinions and feedback on Season 13.

A message to every Warfarian around the globe: Thank you for supporting us & Stay safe.

Please bring back trophy reward either warlord trophy or exactly reward trophy like season 11 (bronze silver and gold)…In warfare there is only 1 way to gain trophy which is from reward end season unless there is new quest probably need to donate for those ‘‘ingredient’’ to making trophy exactly like reward (example making cresent charm)


defender and templar turbo bug

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my opinion

  1. New Home page Login wallpaper
  2. skin iu / theme … make it changeable so player can choose their type iu skin/theme
  3. skill animation/effect/sound
  4. damage font
  5. rework town at map3 ( mc , rc , vit , cz)
  6. rework character selection and add more slots to create more character

give to me

So a i’m see a some interesting numbers in the server, humans have more fame then akkans in general, outher thing the proporcional of templar to attackers in akkans front line players, is so much smaller of defenders to warriors in humans, you can see, have only 9 templars with more them 1M fame, u dont see this a problem? a class with no budy wanna playe. we go have changes in this points? another thing, about combo skills jump of warrior you go remove to?

cya and thanks for the attention


come meca bro . ill give u free

What your char name?

How are you saying the destroyer set was Limited if made same set in 2 season, besides the stat was not same as Immortal, we strive to maintained the top tier rank and many reward was removed compared to previous season (season 10 n season 11). This was NOT FAIR for Us that has SPENT PLENTY OF HOURS playing THIS SEASONS and the reward was not satisfy. I hope u guys still can consider about the reward and for new upcoming season or at least make this season 12 reward looks fair compared with season 10 and season 11. Furthermore, the Destroyer HELM stat should not be as same as gold since it was not a donation items. People like to be stylish by wearing different type of design(set) not just same design over and over. Player will be demotivated to play if the reward was no satisfy. We love this game, so please make the best for us. Thanks

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i agree with you, the destroyer set should get same stats of immortal set, or else it just an alternative cosmetic feature of gold set…, and people will become less motivate to aim for higher rank for next season, or change to something new like rewarding different color of cape (cape that can shine and emit light) or helm/mask (with new design), has 1 chances of +7 an item etc (rewarding a rare metal that can 100% +7) for rank 4 to rank 10 players, has 1 chance of changing existed weapon/armor to different style, color (for rank 1 to rank 3 players). (JUST AN EXAMPLE, MAYBE GM CAN COME UP WITH SOMETHING NEW).

and for suggestion of upcoming updates and class balancing and improving features, fixing features, can refer to this post : Suggestion: Personal Opinion: List of Flaws

and for the templar problem, maybe Gm can add a range spell or aoe spell so more people will play templar and it’s more enjoyable like the one for defender and actually warrior also can add a range spell or aoe spell that is more enjoyable and fun to play with, it’s like adding new skills but actually a character can only use 4 spells (except int classes), so they can change their skills according to their fighting styles.


Totaly agree with Arif Azman…You already reduce reward this sessons 12 no more Trophy,Cham,Moon and G Gems and only 1 part of reward Top 1 2 3 4…This is insane,people will less active online to war or to get top 4…Seriously this reward ugly and stats just 1 extra def from gold set…Better people use gold set from this destoryer set no need to spend time for war to gets 1 extra def for amor only…This is no point to gets top 4,you should ask your player before release new item.My suggestion better u give Immotal back only as reward.This is enough for we and we can accept…Just Immotal no need Trophy,Cham,Moon And G Gems…

Your contribution of changes and improvements seems very good to me but I would like to add that the boxes that appear in Caernarvon (TOS) should not only appear in the marketing spots but in the entire map at random and not constantly in one place.
I would also like to add with the theme of the attack of the magicians or rune off they go down too much regardless of what class it is and also including the ore, gems you should reduce that part.
I would also like to take into account the equivalence between the shadow and the murderer, that is, the murderer debuts without losing invisibility, but the shadow loses invisibility every time it debuffs or uses relief.
I would also like to add as for the people who like to farm that a map is created to only farm gold, gems and metals and so Caernarvon you could add exp so that new people can level up to 97 without having to have a guild in order to kill boses. that is not to say that it is fast but the experience that is increased in this way can also be at everyone’s level.

Atte: Lucianita

I would also like to add that the shadow does not have the pirouettes that the human killer already has and it is also unbalanced because normally the shadow uses a sword therefore when you want to do your pirouettes it does not come out and is easy prey for whoever it is most shadows end up passing to humans,
You have to remember that in Akkas there is no option to change weapons, so it would be good if you add the combo without the “S” to the human killer. of being. This would be something more equivalent in terms of vs murderer and shadow and more

and have more, this is the first server i see if is impossible to a templar kill a assassin, and the assassin kill realy easy the templar

if the assassin is too much it has 300 dex to ++++ the shadow they have 253 and if you are level 97 you get to 260 maximum since you have to use yes or if the sword to 168 to reach you the skills at 4.6 also the rogue assassin human has the chance to win uses 2 daggers and also has a block shield and blunt the sahdow, that’s not why they all go and create a human killer …
and the magicians kill everything and enchanter also like the rune …! So I say that it is unbalanced.

In my opinion, sin passive boom relief/slow should be remove. Its not fair at all that sin can relief too. Shadow need to activated the relief skill is still acceptable since shadow camo will go off if use the skill. Also, Sin have 307 dex while shadow got 260dex therefore sin can add con to tank and can wear shield and blunt to stun while shadow have to choose either to use sword or blunt but still cannot tank due to limited dex stat. Can u see the different there? Its unbalance. Why have to buff human more? Human base stat already high than akkan and some human item stat are higher for example human helm already have 22ed while akkan 19ed only. What i can see from the game roleplay is human is more towards buffer and akkan role more toward debuffer and also human buff increament is higher than akkan. But in this season 12 human can debuff? And also dont forget enchanter debuff skill has negatif effect -def while offici relief skill only debuff skill without negatif effect and yet you give another human char debuff skill? I hope u reconsider about the roleplay and pls revise back the skill. Ps: do fix the templar charge skill bug. Thanks in advance

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Please either adjust the minimum medal required in stall or buff some +4 jewelry, because no one will buy the jewelry with 1M medal.

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u must remember that shadow has evade skill learn, so the life time of shadow more longer if he see’s sorc/archer instead of sin when see’s rune/gunner. besides if u said sin OP, why dont u try play sin 1st and see how OP sin when there are many attacker in akkhan side ^^.

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