Suggestion: Personal Opinion: List of Flaws

Skill Flaw1)

  • Akkan don’t have FirstAid and cannot learn FirstAid 0.1 to remove stunned teammate, should add FirstAid to Akkan side. Since all reliefs of human and akkan are now 12meters range, please make it more balance by adding FirstAid skill to Akkan side, watching akkan stunned by Cleric repeatedly is literally unplayable.

Skill Flaw2)

  • Human’s Magic Cell should change to Dex requirement and instant cast like Evade skill.

Character Flaw1)

  • Templar’s Fatal attack is canceled by net. Fatal attack should not be canceled by net.

Character Flaw2)

  • Defender does not have good defensive skill, maybe should add +10def for 5seconds when backcut is used or add another skill that can heal himself. Since Templar already got heal skill that can heal himself and also Evade skill that can protect himself from enemies skills.

Character Flaw3)

  • Priest’s Total Defense is too high, should reduce Priest’s Total Defense.

Character Flaw4)

  • Enchanter’s Entangle range is too short only 14meters, Entangle 14meters is unplayable, should change to 16meters.

Graphic Flaw1)

  • Archer’s camera screen shake is too big and annoying when shooting arrow got critical hit on enemy.

Graphic Flaw2)

  • Templar sometime will showing moonwalk effect to human side when using Fatal attack.

Graphic Flaw3)

  • When a player used Green Pot, it did not show any Graphic effect to the enemies. Green Pot effect should be shown to the enemies - please add Green Pot Graphic effect.

UI Flaw1)

  • When Gunner is using shooting skill, the skill itself will pop up the skill name on every shot, it’s very disturbing to human eyes. Should remove the name of shooting skill of gunner.

UI Flaw2)

  • 3 inventory slots are not enough for looting.

UI Flaw3)

  • AOE skills do not have AOE indicator, for example a white circle line around a character.

UI Flaw4)

  • Buffed effects did not show on party’s bar.

Management Flaw1)

  • Did not have thorough explanation/definition on character stats provided on website or forum. (What is dmg ? what is extra dmg ? what is def ? what is extra def ? what is magic resistance? what is recovery rate? each classes movement speed? - Archer has higher movement speed than Gunner? who knows? what is time for war? (people at different country have different time).

Design Flaw1)

  • New player keep asking where to war, the places that teleporting to war should be told by global announcement. For example, Get a new name for the teleport places, and show a highlight color on L map.

Design Flaw2)

  • Mini bosses that used for party bossing should name it properly. For example, add “lv96” on every mini bosses and add “lv97” on big bosses. So that new players will know the server has lv96 and lv97 lvling option.
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Dear @CucumberOfLight
We really appreciate your time and effort for constructing this feedback. Our technical team has taken note on your feedback,

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Magic cell if change to dex and can be instant cast will be total imba since human got PERMENANT BLOCK FOR MOST OF THE CHAR…even templar block can be cast on party but IT CAN BE RELIEF…since all human can use shield + it will add more ed and can change to atk and defense mode…adding more def to defender while do backcut is unacceptable since defender can change the weapon to atk and change back to defense mode after that…Rune very fragile and cannot block and very vurnerable against most the char except sorc since rune can instant cast evade while the other human char can stand most of the akkan char because they can use shield…

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Then give shield to akkan and make 2 slots for them, what’s the big deal?. If Gm cannot make it then can give Evade to Defender only, since Defender cannot tank like a templar, what’s the point of being called “Defender” , cannot Evade cannot heal ? Question mark ?

Add shield for rune and life only, with low block rates no need same like human, i remember other server life and rune have right arm like shadow and that give block / mr its a Nice Idea,
About skills dont need change magic cell skills, If do that Human gonna be immortal, Human is human, akkan is akkan, rune need 165 dex to use armor, u want sorc have robe need 165 dex too? That IS normal ALL races have yours strengths and weaknesses, gunner Can add a passível skill to shot in area that IS a Nice Idea like archer, i remember other sv gunner have that and no many damage only for cast fame from players, archers take many fame cause multiple arrow gunner no have that
One thing i dont like is AXE CAN BROKEN DEFENSE, that i dont like no any akkan have that.
Templar got heal himself , but to use that he sacrifice one skill, If do for defender is same, no many templar use that.
If u open map u see TELEPORTATION CENTER,. That show where teleporte.
The skills show in pt bar its a Nice Idea.

Why dont take 4th slot inventory and use that a normal inventory and no Quest inventory that IS a Nice Idea.


add extra arm for runeoff is fine tho, lifeoff is too tanky bcos of high ed no need shield i think. But right now better let Gm focus on new quest and new lvl system or new blacksmith system, to attract old players n new players continue play the game.

for the defender design is very bad to be honest, bcos it cannot tank properly like templar, cannot evade cannot heal also, most defender only play dmg type just backcut n run.

and for templar should add a range skill like defender one, so that more akkan will enjoy of playing templar, at least gt a range skill to gain fame if u r not in a party.

Gunner can add aoe skill like archer one to get fame easy, more fun to play with but should lower dmg of it bcos of +2dex = +1ea.

Warrior can also add a range skill, more fun to play with. (darksword cannot use for warrior bcos the launching delay is too long and terrible, cast range is very short also, dmg is also very low)

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hi, Gm can add new enchantment system and new quest already? what to do when players got +8 items already, and about quest is there any new quest that is fun and enjoyable for old players ? thanks for reading this.

and also how about adding lvl requirement and indication to teleporters like (sainna lvl50, vitory lvl80), or even on L map about monsters lvl requirement for lvling, so beginner know which place to go and have fun.

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