Warfare Online Installer V2132 Release [BETA]


Season 14 has ended with a heart racing final 4 hour war that took place at Arcadia and is now awaiting the fame wipe scheduled on the 8th of Feb 2021 at 3PM GMT+8. The Warfare Online Installer V2132 release is here with the fame cap set to commence at the official start of Season 15 which is on the 8th of Feb 2021 at 4PM GMT+8.

Many people from around the world has joined our voyage and we anticipate even more with our team constantly improving to entertain Warfarians with a good gaming experience. With that being said, carry on forward to learn what does Season 15 have to offer.

Rewards of Season 15 Featuring The Divine Set

Season 15’ s honor of the season is the return of the heavenly, Divine Set. The unlimited fame gain during the last 4 hours of the season will ultimately determine the Top Warfarians.
Presenting Season 15’s Rewards In Favor Of The Top 5 Ranks Of Each Class:

For more information on Divine item stats visit: Divine Item Stats

Season 15’s Weekly Fame Cap Schedule

Hit the weekly fame cap by being a true Warfarian as it will take devotion, teamwork and passion to achieve the top ranks. Indulge in the legendary war during the final 4 hours with unlimited fame cap that will serve as the final verdict.

Arcadia’s Abandoned Prison Unfolds

A shift has occurred in this new age, and with that Arcadia unfolds another war destination, the Abandoned Prison. Though it is said to be ruined and forsaken, the place has much more to give as Humans and Akkans will continue to outweigh each other to conquer it.

Aurelian, A Golden Glory Arises

Neither does it lack beauty nor power. Aurelian, the golden glory, with its cuirasses and armor engraved with the touch of the sun has risen. Prepare to face the honor & grace of the “Aurelian”.

Merkhadian Aurelian Set

Kartefant Aurelian Set

Available now in the Aurelian Dealer NPC, the Aurelian Set will be available for a limited time only making it very precious to its inheritor.

For more information on the Aurelian Set visit: Limited Time Donation List [Aurelian Set]

Exciting Events Awaits This Season 15

Massive Events such as Race Wars, Guild wars, Town raids & Boss Hunts are bound to take place all for Fame, Medals, EXP and many more this Season 15!

The Warfare Online Management thanks everyone for helping us with bug identifications and providing recommendations to improve our game play. If you would like to add a newly found bug in our current game version, feel free to check the threads here and post any additional data at: https://forum.warfareonline.net/c/bugs

Alternatively, chat with our support at https://www.warfareonline.net/support for any issues found.

Presenting Warfare Online Official Channels:

• Official Website: https://www.warfareonline.net
• Forum: https://forum.warfareonline.net
• Telegram: Telegram: Contact @warfareonline

Please download and install the Warfare Online Installer V2132 in order to login in-game if you have issues with the auto-updater at:

Note: The Top 5 ranks of all classes for Season 14 have been rewarded. Fame gain will be enabled at the start of Season 15 on the 8th of Feb 2021 at 4PM GMT +8 with Week 1 having a Fame Cap of 200,000.