Stream And Win!

Welcoming Live Streamers

Here it is, the path to become partners with the Warfare Online team by streaming Warfare Online’s game play and game mechanics.

Live Streaming Rewards

Grab this opportunity to be part of the team by becoming official streaming partners and earn special rewards. For this season, eligible partners will be rewarded the Noble Cape.

All noble things are as difficult as they are rare,
Thus, the Noble cape shall find its way,
To the Warfarian whose dedication is limitless starting today….

Check on the Noble Cape Stats

Live Streaming Requirements

1) Logo

Present the Warfare Online logo that will be given upon request throughout the streaming process
Download : WarfareOnline Logo

2) Link

Display the website link “” in the stream and at the description

• Rewards are given according to overall performance
• Rewards are applicable for this current season only
• Partners are handpicked in reference to their achievement & capabilities
• Noble capes are given to the most eligible Partners of Warfare Online
• Noble capes are bound to one account and cannot be traded
• Warfare Online reserves the rights to retrieve the Noble Cape if Partner is no longer an active streamer

Tips on live streaming

Use your own style and be a successful streamer by offering unique content and having a winning personality either with quality, personality or both.

Make sure your viewers can rely on you for being considerate and be on top of the game by using overlays such as “starting soon/be right back/stream has ended” to keep viewers engaged.

Interactivity is the key to a good stream. Constant communication with your viewers will increase the likelihood of becoming a true entertainer. The use of webcams is optional however it may be effective to get more engagement from your viewers.

Live stream about the Game Mechanics & Game Play of Warfare Online, for example:
The Race Wars, Events, Guide on Character Progression & Leveling up, Bossing, Monster Hunts, Guild Wars, Trading guides & Others

Guidelines to submit your live stream

All live streams must be submitted via the Support Center to claim the reward.
Follow the steps below to submit your live stream.

Step 1: Visit Select “Claim-reward” & Start Chat.

Step 2: Send the details listed below to the support team via chat.

Hi, I’m the live streamer < name>.
These are my submission details:

1) Web email:
2) Game ID:
3) Character name:
4) Live stream link:

And you’re done! Wait till the management get’s back to you.

All Warfarians are welcome to participate, and if your performance exceeds our expectation, the rewards shall be yours!