Season Finale & A New Game Awaits


The time has come to the beginning of a journey that will soon come to an end. The Final Battle begins with the hope to give it all – either being players, developers or the management as at the end of the day we have all worn the name as Warfarians with pride. For that, for those who have been in the scenes for the past 13 years have our utmost respect and honor with the official closure of Warfare Online on the 8th of June 2022.

While seeking for the end, let’s not forget to live the present with the last season, the Season Finale for only the worthy shall pass on to the other side. So, take on the journey of commemoration alongside a resolution that awaits in the near future. The Season Finale marks the last fight between the Kartefants and Merkhadians and the war between the two greatest races of all time will be seen and remembered, forever…

With the Final Battle scheduled, a new game awaits in the near future. Different & bold from its predecessor but welcoming for those who join the final battle. Warfarians are given first hand access to experience it with items in possession here to be transferred there.

For more information, visit: The End Of A Journey & The Beginning Of A New One. Here, you will find out more on the New Game, the Web Account Transfer Registration, Item Transfer Lists, the Roadmap & more!

Season Finale Reward Offers Cash & Precious Halcyon Metals

  • Season Finale’s reward will be a total of USD10,000 awarded among the Top Ranks.

  • This reward will be distributed in the form of USD Coin (USDC) which is a cryptocurrency among the Top 5 Warfarians of each Class.

  • Top Warfarians must have a USDC wallet to allow smooth transaction of the cash reward


Season Finale Fame Cap Schedule

Become the legends of Warfare Online who will be remembered forever as the top ranks of the last season by keeping up with the fame cap schedule. The emotional yet invigorating journey this Final Battle has to offer will be concluded during the Final 4 hours on the 28th of May 2022. Thereafter, awaiting for the closure of Warfare Online on the 8th of June 2022.

For future references, this schedule can be found in the Game Guides at this link: Fame Cap Schedule (Season Finale)

Overall Boosted Fame Gain

Across the lands, the fame gain is being boosted by 100%. The Caernarvon, Arena, Arcadia & Battle Lohan sees a surge in fame as the final battle eases on the journey of Warfarians ensuring minimal commitment will be required. For the very first time in history, the fame cap will be easily accomplished!

Halcyon Metals Come To Light

The gold tint of Halcyon is said to entice anyone with just one look. Held in possession to be the ones to wear armors that not only feel strong but actually be strong for it grants a 100% success rate up to +8 with no iron rate. Special events await for it to release and expose its power…

The Valedictory Guild League

Kartefants and Merkhadians prepare strongest allies that will represent worthy Guilds for a legendary duel… The 10 vs 10 Guild League will be soon descend on the Almighty Land, so prepare to meet enemies destined to ones’ guild’s path… Leave the mark of being the greatest guilds of all time in history of the The Final Battle!


  • Level 99 will be released by this month

Events To Commemorate & To Cherish For A Life Time!

Race Wars, Guild League Tournaments, Enemy Town Raids, Monster Hunts, Boss Hunts and more interesting things are in store this Season Finale.

For those who are here and for those who have long left, we call upon you to come and join us in the last Season of Warfare Online.

Please download and install the V2490 installer if you are having problems with the auto updater.
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