Season 15 Final 4 Hours (5 Jun 2021, 8PM-11:59PM GMT +8)


The war awaits in the Arena Battlegrounds soon… A war that will determine the greatest ones of Kartefants and Merkhadians…

Final 4 Hours

On the 5th of June,
All the world is dressed in armory,
To march into the lands with courage,
To feel the rage burn inside for fame…

In the midst and heat of the battle,
from 8:00 PM to 11:59 PM GMT+8,
enough fame will be gained,
And the Divine shall once again be acclaimed…

War is coming upon us, Warfarians…

Season 15’s Reward The Divine Set

The ones worthy of the Divine will soon be known…

Merkhadian Divine Set

Kartefant Divine Set

In a war with armory and sheath,
The Destroyer was sworn as the storm,
And the Divine has risen,
As the calmness before the storm…

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