Season 14 Begins!

Season 14 welcomes a divine awakening…
This time around, there are decisions to be made and the road to glory is no easy one to take…

Rewards of Season 14 Featuring New Items

Season 14 is a charm brought upon us as with darkness there always seem to be light.
Rest assured, fate has yielded its reward of this season: Lord of lords, The New Divine Set.
With the previous destruction unleashed,
A ray of creation and restoration perpetuates.
Living among Warfarians now, waiting & protecting, is the heavenly Divine.

Presenting Season 14 Rewards In Favor Of The Top 5 Ranks Of Each Class:

The Divine

In a war with armory and sheath,
The Destroyer was sworn as the storm,
And the Divine will rise as the calmness before the storm,
Bound to withhold ethereal justice and purity,
It relinquishes its opponents soul causing death with ease.
For more information on Divine item stats visit: Divine Item stats

The New Weekly Fame Cap

Fame gain is set to be 200% harder than the seasons before. Hit the weekly fame cap by being a true Warfarian as it will take devotion, teamwork and passion to achieve the top ranks this time around.

Improved Fame Rank Structure

Grandly acclaim the rank titles with the amended fame ranks which has been enhanced for proper
character progression.

Newly Updated Maps

Fight at the notorious Arena battlegrounds with a new map to the addition. Experience the Arena
Battle Ground & Arena Battle Ground II with newly structured atmospheres to give the best war

Enjoy smooth PvP race wars in both maps with a population limit of 30 vs 30 by default. When both maps are full, the population limit will increase, catering up to 40 vs 40, 50 vs 50 and so on gradually for each map. With a maximum limit of 60 vs 60 on both maps, uninterrupted excitement is for sure!

The Lohan lobby has been given a new name and holds a valuable purpose. Henceforth, it shall be
called Sky Lobby and is now home to the teleportation portals of the infamous Arena Battlegrounds
& Battle Lohan.


• Arena Safezones have been boosted
• Manhunt in the Arena Battlegrounds are undergoing an upgrade so they are temporarily


• Added new Arena Battle ground II Map
• Added new Sky Lobby map
• Updated loading screen for Sky Lobby and Arena Battle ground II


• Normal Charms +3a/+3b can now be traded/sold/discarded
• Normal 188 DEX bows now has +1 damage
• Changed 50K EXP Ball interface color
• Donation and Enthusiast armors revised
• Added new reward items
• Fixed Defense Necklace Box Description


• Updated Nymbus regeneration description
• Updated Palm of Bless/Light HPR/MPR description


• Added Metal Packer NPC to obtain Metal Chest
• Added Gem Packer NPC to obtain Gem Chest
• Added Giant Gem Packer to obtain Giant Gem Chest
• Added new Sky Lobby teleport
• Moved Arena teleports to Sky Lobby
• Added ROR+0 to Ray Jewelry Store
• Removed unused ring/neck from Ray Jewelry Store
• Reduced Gold price ring/neck at Ray Jewelry Store


• Added ROR+0 quest to Jewel Enhancer
• Quest descriptions improved

Exciting Back to Back Events This Season 14

Surprises never get old, especially when it comes down to alluring items and rewards.
Join massive Events like Race Wars, Guild wars, Town raids, Boss Hunts, etc. for Fame, Medals, EXP and many more!

Please download and install our V1412 client and V1412_V1925 patch if you are having problems with
the auto updater.
Download link:

The Warfare Online Management thanks everyone for helping with bug identifications and providing
recommendations to improve our game play. If you would like to add a newly found bug in our current
game version, feel free to check the threads here and post any additional data at:

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Warfarians, the game has begun!

Note: The Top 5 ranks of all classes for Season 13 have been rewarded

actually u can give reward to players stay online, like 1hour = 500 fames, so more people will stay online to get the bonus.