Season 13: Event #14 (Tax Cut & Medal Stall Value Down)

Season 13: Event#14 (Tax Cut & Medal Stall Value Down)

In the brinks of Season 13, the declaration of some good news is set to happen! These are the events that rarely happen and when it does the entire world of Warfare Online sets on a new economic surge. Only to happen once awhile, don’t miss out on this precious and rare occasion of a Tax cut & Medal Stall Value Down.

Medal stall 5% Tax Cut

A decrease in taxes from 10% to 5% has been declared to all Warfarians. This will indeed boost income and drive up the demand and market value of items. With this many traders have begun dealing to get all they need, all they want and all they desire.

Medal Stall Donation items 50% down

The days have gone by and all things remain the same. Fortunately, a call for this special occasion is now announced. Some talks went around on the extravagant prices of donation items in the medal stall that were desired but never to attain. So it was heard, the medal stall prices of donation items has now been temporarily depreciated to 50%. With this, many Warfarians smile as donation items become more affordable and the spirit to go to war ignites with newer stronger items in hand.

Such events are surprises and will always be.

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