Season 12 discussion

Greetings Warfarians,
The new season 12 patch discussion updates are here.
We would like our Warfarians to start discussion topics based on the updates listed below.
This is to allow us to make any changes effectively if necessary. The Season 12 patch is expected to be released by latest 16 January 2020. Your constructive feedback will help shape a great season ahead!


  • Upgraded Arena terrain to improve gameplay.
  • Add safezone at Vitory, Clauzhuz, Middle camp and Roche
  • Update L map interface for Arena and Carnarvon


  • Add new Destroyer sets for Season 12 rewards
    Destroyer item stats: Destroyer Item stats
  • Donation jewelries +0, +1 and +2 can be sold to NPC shop for gold
  • Fix Ring of Warfare(D)+5a and Ring of Warfare(D)+5B Stats
  • Add +1MR to Immortal Boots, Gloves, Arms and Pants
  • Fix Crescent Charm Durability to 100/100

Class updates for PVM(Player vs Monster)

  • Improve and fix Rune off Pet skill for PVM
  • Improve enchanter’s bow damage which can be used for PVM/Farming

Bugs fixes

  • Fix skill Full Swing unable interrupt stun
  • Fix resurrect skill bug.
  • Disable Guild upgrade to fix map crash bug
  • Fix MP consumption for Disenchant Skill


  • Add Skill book NPC in Arena and Lohan Lobby
  • Add Gold token exchange NPC in Mercatura


  • Increased cooldown for Disenchant/Relief by 10 seconds(Reduce tonic wastage in Wars)


  • Update item description for Snowman/DingDong/SpecialSanta
  • Update item description for Medal token

Hi Admin Warfare


  1. Destroyer stats same as Annihilator
  2. Remain Immortal as reward top1-top4
  3. Destroyer set with new skin n mesh
  4. Destroyer set will be reward from event like Lustre set or add in Donation List
  5. Immortal arm/glove and pant/boost boost +1DEF from current stats
  6. Immortal Helm boost +1DEF from current stats (remain HPR and MPR)
  7. Fix NOE name currently (Necklace of endurance) to (Necklace of Endurance)
  8. Fix ROW name currently (Ring Of Warfare) to (Ring of Warfare)
  9. Fix NOH name currently (Necklace Of Heath) to (Necklace of Heath)
  10. Fix ROC name currently (Ring Of Caernavon) to (Ring of Caernavon)
  11. Fix ROM name currently (Ring Of Mana) to (Ring of Mana)
  12. Fix ROR name currently (Ring Of RYL) to (Ring of RYL)
  13. Fix %MP of Arena Pots (M Arena 10%MP = 1047 , L Arena 15%MP = 1570 and G Arena 20%MP = 2094 no matter how many total MP user have)
  14. Update info on Snowman/DingDong/SpecialSanta +3k hp/mp and 1.5k hp/mp like Peach/Orange/Candy
  15. Add safezone in Lohan room
  16. Add NPC sell book in Arena and Lohan Lobby
  17. Add NPC gold token exchange in Mercatura
  18. Able to convert Large gems into Giant pots (example Small gem convert to Large Pots)
  19. Update info for Token Medal (no more account bound)
  20. Boost Armor Donation including Immortal Armor HP and Mp by 100
  21. Reduce 1 Bonus Point of Immortal Armor and add 1MR (currently different with Anni is 1DEF 1ED 1BP to 1DEF 1ED 1MR)
  22. Remove Amethyst fragment and Small Amethyst from Amethyst Robber (remain Large and Giant Amethyst)
  23. Remove Andesine fragment from Andesine Robber (remain Small and Large Andesine)
  24. Upgrade GPV Gem Monster like Edin (each type have 3 bandit and robber)
  25. Bring back trophy warlord as reward

P/S : So far all Charm name doesnt need to fix but only ROW NOE ROC NOH and ROM (Ring of Mana) have tiny mistake and also fix NPC ring neck upgrade name + ring neck beginner name at WK/AK too

Thank you for your feedback,
the Season 12 discussion list has been updated.

Please bring back reward trophy warlord for ss12…Its a bump for some player where there is no point for chasing rank if there is no trophy warlord as reward…

For update reduce tonic waste on war im suggest that nerf both relief from 100% destroy all buff and pots to only destroy buff not pots (buff like cg sg ba we only) for other buff like Aura Life Song POL POC this kind of buff will not interupt from relief…