Season 10 : Update #4 (Revised Medal stall & Auto E-level)

We have received your feedback regarding the Medal Stall minimum value and the auto E-level balance system in Arena and Lohan and have decided to revise these two systems to improve our overall gameplay.

Revised Medal Stall minimum value

We have reduced the minimum value to sell certain valuable items to 30%. We have also completely removed trophies from the minimum medal. This will allow players to trade with fewer restrictions. For more information on the latest Medal Stall minimum value list [click]

Revised auto E-Level for Arena and Lohan

We have changed the population difference for the auto E-level balance system from 8 to 10. We have also improved the auto-E level balance in Lohan to ignore players in the Lohan lobby. This is done to improve the overall balance in-game during wars when there is a sudden drop in population