[QUEST] A Crescent Charm quest guide

Hi Adventurer!

I understand, it is quite complicated but don’t you worry!
Here is the complete guide on how to get it done!

And oh by the way, this quest has 100% success rate so you will definitely get the Crescent charm of your dreams!

First, go to Addon Keep(Human player) or Wirtz Keep(Akkan player)

Look for these NPC:

Crescent Charm Alchemist

We need to make sure that we understand the process to avoid confusion.
It requires a couple of materials :

For example:


Here are some help links in order to gather the materials mentioned above:

How to get a charm quest guide can be found here: [QUEST] A Charm quest guide
How to upgrade a charm can be found here: A guide in upgrading a Charm
How to upgrade a crescent moon can be found here: A guide in upgrading Crescent Moon
How to farm for metal ores and gem stones can be found here:A beginner's farming guide (Metals, Gems, Ang Pau, Pearls, Etc)

Check the the specific materials that you need and kill the monsters that drops them.
Perform the needed quest for the charm that you need and once you have acquired all of the items, you may talk to the NPC once again in order to complete your Crescent charm quest.

Here are the stats of the fused Crescent Charms:

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