A beginner's farming guide (Metals, Gems, Ang Pau, Pearls, Etc)

Greetings Adventurer!

So you are here to look for some tips on where to find the resources for metals and gems?
Good news! you are in the right place!

Here are the exact (Green Circle) areas on where you can locate the Metal and Gem resources.
The monsters that you can farm for jewelry enhancement materials are also included.

Item specification:

  • Metal ores are used for equipment (armor and weapons) enhancement.

  • Gem stones are used to make (hp,mp,atk,def) potions.

  • Amethyst gem stone is used to make Arena tonics.

  • Andesine gem stone is used to make STR tonics.

  • Jewelry Ang Pau is for jewelry (ring and necklace) enhancement.

  • Crescent Moon Ang Pau is for crescent moon enhancement.

  • Pearl is for charm enhancement.

  • Rampage Essences are used for rampage quest

  • You may refer here for the Rampage quest guide : [QUEST] A guide for the Rampage quest - #2

Detailed list of Broken Crescent Moon

Broken Crescent Moon(1 STR)

  • Gredor
  • Transformer

Broken Crescent Moon(1 DEX)

  • The Undead
  • Grim Reaper

Broken Crescent Moon(1 CON)

  • KappaElder
  • Giant Omurten

Broken Crescent Moon(1 INT)

  • Giant Eye
  • KappaHunter

Broken Crescent Moon(1 WIS)

  • Pawn
  • KappaKornu

Here are main bosses that you can farm by joining a boss hunting party.
These bosses are quiet tough so be sure to engage them with caution.
They drop a lot of essential materials for upgrades and enhancements.

Moving to the Sainna Island, there are bosses and mini bosses as well that drops some valuable materials.
These bosses are quiet challenging so be sure to bring a full party with enough buffs to get these bosses killed immediately.

Always check the list of items in the images to make sure that you are hunting the bosses that you essentially need for your upgrades.

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