9th Year Anniversary Event #1

Come celebrate Warfare Online’s 9th Anniversary with an Equilibrium effect of balance to our gameplay, a whole, head on REVOLUTION.
Our goal for this update is to make our new and existing players become STRONGER without spending a dime!
We want to bring balance and prioritize on making our gameplay enjoyable for everyone.

This event is for a limited time frame only which is from 7th July 2018 to 28th July 2018. So take this opportunity to level up your character to 96, create the best +4 jewelries, craft your favorite cresent charm within the allotted event time fame. This is made possible in order to prepare the community for the new era of Warfare Online, this upcoming fame wipe on the 29th July 2018.

<img src=‘https://i.imgur.com/nUyb6aO.jpg’ alt=‘A new adventurer’s journey to level 96’>

A new adventurer’s journey to level 96

Level 96 is an achievement level which is not easy however with this Equilibrium event, leveling is a lot easier and you can even solo your way to 96. We have boosted the EXP for monsters that can be solo’ed and the bosses in map 2 for party leveling has been set to respawn after 2 hours once eliminated from the field.

A beginner’s guide for leveling.

Solo Leveling
Party Leveling

Drop rate went CRAZY

These resources are all boosted up to 200% drop rate so take advantage of them and farm them to your heart’s desire.
A. Metals/Gems
B. Experience Crystal Ball
C. Pearl/Ancient Pearl
D. Jewelry Ang Pau/Golden Jewelry Ang Pau
E. Crescent moon Ang Pau/Golden Crescent moon Ang Pau

A beginner’s guide for farming

Farming locations

Questing Euphoria

This is where those materials from gets ‘Drop rate went CRAZY’ becomes useful.

A beginner’s guide to

Upgrade your Jewels
Make a Crescent Charm(100% success rate)
Earn TOS or 100K medals from the LVL 96 lottery quest
Note: Tears of Sparda(TOS) droprate has been removed from bosses to increased it’s demand ingame