Gameserver maintenance (Season 10)

Good evening Warfarians,

We are about to open the new Season of Warfare Online.
Before we take a step into Season 10, let’s settle the changes that comes with the conclusion of the Equilibrium event.

### Fame and Guild Wipe As usual, it is our tradition to wipe both Guild and Fame at the same time before a new season starts. We need to wipe the existing fame in the server in order to reset the PVP ranking. This transition will also give our community the chance to settle goals and priorities in the new season. The guild masters will be able tro re-evaluate the active players and clear out those who are idle from season 9. The top ranked players for Season 9 will receive their rewards on August 1, 2018. The list of rewards for Season 9 can be found here: [Season 9 Top Ranked Rewards][1]

Conclusion of the Equilibrium Event

Since we are now in the conclusion of Season 9, the fame rate and the drop rate will now return to their respective normal settings in relation to the start of Season 10. However, chances of getting valuable materials are still signifantly better despite the normalization of the drop rate. The players who loves to farm will still enjoy their time while grinding for materials.
The farming guide can be found here : A beginners farming guide

Server maintenance will be deployed for the fame and guild wipe process at 7:30PM-8:00PM GMT+8 on July 28, 2018