Minimum Medal Value List [UPDATED]


The minimum medal value list has been updated with new additions to improve the medal utilization in game.

View the full list:

In regards to that, we have considered the community’s feedback which includes:-

• Giant Beryl is removed from the list
• Dispel Tonic (G) is removed from the list
• Min Medal value for Giant Tonics decreased 

Based on feedback from the community, increasing item stack or vault slots is not possible as it is hard-coded. This means item stacks or vault slots are fixed in such a way that it cannot be altered without major modifications to the game.

We have also noted some Warfarians have mentioned that Gems are using too much storage and so our team is working on necessary steps to improve this. We thank all Warfarians for giving constructive feedback and suggestions. More features to improve the medal utilization in-game will be added in the future which includes events and quests.

Note: The list of items in the minimum medal value list can only be sold through medal stalls & can no longer be traded or dropped anymore.

We got told u right GM? Many player got a lot of pot heal/war not enough slot for main id request extra slot for that ,and u straight update do what u like to do ,u never respect on your player at all.