How to register a Web Account and Create a Game Account


1. Go to

2. Click Sign Up

Click on the Sign Up button at the top right of the page

3. Register your email

Enter your email address to create your WEB ACCOUNT

Make sure to use a valid email address in order for you to receive the verification code.

4. Go to your email for the Verification Code

Copy the verification code received in your email

Paste the verification code at the Enter Verification Code space and click Continue to confirm your registration.

5. Complete your WEB ACCOUNT details

Enter a username and a strong password to finalize your WEB ACCOUNT

6. Verify your phone number

Enter the 6 digit verification code you will receive through SMS and click Submit


1. Create your First Game Account

Fill in an ID and Password to create your first GAME ACCOUNT under this WEB ACCOUNT

2. First Game Account created!

Once its done, you can see your new account created under the GAME ACCOUNT section

Note: You can create up to 5 GAME ACCOUNTS under a single WEB ACCOUNT