[DISCUSSION] Level 99 Release


The adventure to obtain Level 99 begins! Now is the time for Kartefants & Merkhadians to experience the level up with the final level addressed and set out here in this world.

The path has been laid and worthy ones shall pass onto the other side given all the requirements are met for a Level 99 character. As by now known attaining Level 99 will be vital as it is codependent for the Web Account Transfer Registration to the new game.

Learn more on the Web Account Transfer Registration here: Web Account Transfer Registration

Introducing 15M & 20M EXP Balls

Obtain Level 99 by consuming the new 15M & 20M EXP Balls found in Mystery EXP Chests B & C!

Hunt Bosses & Mini Bosses For EXP & EXP Balls

All bosses will spawn at once in the Sainna and Misery Island at these times:

  • Sainna Island : 6:00am/pm GMT+8
  • Misery Island : 7:00am/pm GMT+8

When, where and who will drop the EXP Balls has been laid here Warfarians, all that is needed is a good plan and a party… May the adventures of leveling begin…

Sainna Island

Misery Island


The following can be referred at the Game guides here: A beginner's guide to Warfare Online - Party Leveling 95-99

Leveling Difficulty

The road to Level 99 is not to be mistaken as easy, however, it is more of an adventure that is construed not too hard. To accommodate for many to join us in the new game, the levels have been adjusted to allow Warfarians to venture into the new game together.

Leveling Timeframe

The road to level 99 is determined ensuring the duration of the 4-month-season-finale is taken into thorough consideration. Thus, with substantial game-play hours and team effort, Warfarians will be able to achieve Level 99 for at least one character in an estimation of within a month with leveling set at a Medium difficulty.

A. The average gameplay duration expected for Leveling Up based on Party Leveling ONLY – WITHOUT EXP Ball consumption:

Lvl 95 to Lvl 96 – 4 hours of bossing
Lvl 96 to Lvl 97 – 12 hours of bossing
Lvl 97 to Lvl 98 – 53 hours of bossing
Lvl 98 to Lvl 99 - 308 hours of bossing

B. 5M EXP balls required to level up:

Lvl 95 to Lvl 96 - 423pcs 5M EXP ball
Lvl 96 to Lvl 97 - 488pcs 5M EXP ball
Lvl 97 to Lvl 98 - 556pcs 5M EXP ball
Lvl 98 to Lvl 99 - 628pcs 5M EXP ball

C. 10M EXP balls required to level up:

Lvl 95 to Lvl 96 - 212pcs 10M EXP ball
Lvl 96 to Lvl 97 - 244pcs 10M EXP ball
Lvl 97 to Lvl 98 - 278pcs 10M EXP ball
Lvl 98 to Lvl 99 - 314pcs 10M EXP ball

D. 15M EXP balls required to level up:

Lvl 95 to Lvl 96 - 141pcs 15M EXP ball
Lvl 96 to Lvl 97 - 163pcs 15M EXP ball
Lvl 97 to Lvl 98 - 186pcs 15M EXP ball
Lvl 98 to Lvl 99 - 210pcs 15M EXP ball

E. 20M EXP balls required to level up:

Lvl 95 to Lvl 96 - 106pcs 20M EXP ball
Lvl 96 to Lvl 97 - 122pcs 20M EXP ball
Lvl 97 to Lvl 98 - 139pcs 20M EXP ball
Lvl 98 to Lvl 99 - 157pcs 20M EXP ball

Note: EXP gain from PvP will remain.

Minimum Medal Value List Updated

With the addition of 15M & 20M EXP Balls, the minimum medal values of EXP Balls and Metals are reduced by 50%

Head to this link to view the full list: Medal Stall minimum value list

Great, cant wait for the release of level 99! Lets play together, reach level 99 together, and go to the new server, TOGETHER!

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lol . waste of time join bossing before this , sleep late because want bossing . collect 5m exp ball … now release new exp ball 🤦🏻 … add more respawn time already good . but why need new exp ball in the game ?.. no need release new 15 / 20 m exp ball … just increase chance to get 10m exp balll more at map 2 and 3 already enough

Most important thing is release lvl 99 at soonest.
Bosses are very limited. so earlier release better

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Add some items or rework drop at treasure box

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In my opinion, this is good idea to balance both races increase their level, because if we look at every time bossing map 2 Human / akkan, the same player will conquer all bosses, so to new players will not get a chance to join bossing. Moreover,bosses appear at the same time can prevent the players to control all the bosses. Therefore, new players have chance to levels up move to the new engine.

Exp ball 15m / 20m release, this is good because there are several things that we need to look at, 1. players - players who do not have time to join their bossing can buy from players. 2. Able to reduce inventory space. 3. Be able to add new players to join.

I was wondering if the bosses were too strong it would take time to kill. Hope GM will look into it.
Thanks :blush:

Looks good… Giving all the opportunities for participate in both PvP and MvP… Since it is a final season, it would be great if everyone can have the best experience of Warfare Online before moving to the new game… Cant wait for it… LETS GOO !!

The Level 99 Update has been released taking into consideration feedback and suggestions from the community. Thank you Warfarians for giving constructive comments for the betterment of game play.

sound good…but Sir can try Ajust Some Time for it ?