9th Year Anniversary Event #2

Warfarians! Today is a great day! GOLD will shower upon the lands of Warfare Online! Another set of event, we unfold to you, an extension of our 9th Year Anniversary event #2!

A. Annihilator can now be sold in medal stall
B. Gold boost as high as 300%
C. Drop rate Scaling : A beginner’s farming guide
D. Rampage sack improved : A guide for the Rampage quest

You may also refer to the 9th Year Anniversary event #1

Annihilator can now be sold in medal stall

Starting today, your dream, annihilator items can now be sold in medal stalls. This is a permanent change for Annihilator items in trading.

We have decided to do this because of the following reason:

A. We want everyone to have an equal chances of obtaining the Annihilator items.
B. The medal stall opens opportunities in the market for buy&sell and donor’s flexibility in gaining medals by selling annihilator items to the non-donors for their medals. This will keep the supply and demand of annihilator to be vaiable to everyone.
C. We will implement a minimum medal price for the Annihilator items in order to protect the value of the item.

Gold boost as high as 300%

This gold boost event will last until July 28, 2018. The 200% gold boost will apply to all maps and regions of Warfare Online. Take advantage of this limited gold boost,

A. Use it for rampage armor / weapon gambling
B. Upgrading your BGL or Annihilator Armor.
C. For the new players, this is your chance to use the gold in order to buy the FirstBlood items.

Drop rate Scaling

We have improved the drop rates by scaling it to the mob difficulty. This event will last until July 28, 2018 only. This will improve the drop rates of valuable materials from stronger/harder to kill monsters.
This adjustment is made to regulate the balance of drops across all monster difficulties.

Rampage sack improved

The success rate in obtaining a rampage part from the rampage sacks has been tremendously improved to make sure that all the hard earned essences and materials are being utilized to the fullest.
We understand that this particular quest is very important in order to complete the rampage armor set. Please be reminded that this rampage sack event is only until July 28, 2018.

For today, we will all DINE IN GOLD!