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There has been a rise in scams lately. We would urge and remind all Warfarians to be aware when you are trading with others.

The management will not investigate lost items / scams
Take note:
• Always trade with trusted parties.
• Do your research and a background check of the person you are dealing with before trading.
• Double check the authenticity of the person you are dealing with.
• Only buy what you can afford to lose.
• You bare full responsibility of trade outcomes.
• Do not be tempted with deals that are too good to be true.

The management has taken steps to prevent scams as much as possible by implementing 2FA and Minimum Medal Value Listings. Beyond this, when it comes down to trading between 2 parties please be aware it is done at your own risks. MMORPG’s game-play is such as there will always be scammers waiting to scam with valuable items around. To prevent getting scammed, Buy and Sell with extreme caution.