Warfare Online - Shadow Off Class Build (Farming Metals & Gems)

Hello guys, my main char name is Violet Healer, i have been playing Warfare Online for years and farming metal and gem is always my hobby. The new season has improvise a lot for better gaming experience, especially for newbies.

Class :
Shadow Off (Officiator)

Level :
95 (FYI, maximum level has change to 98)

Class Stats :
STR: 161 / DEX: 245 / WIS: 50

There are so many stats you can choose from, but for faming i would prefer to have WIS instead of CON. This is because, by having WIS 50 you can learn Bless and Vibrant Aura skill that give you more attribute. Read skill explanation to understand better on Bless and Vibrant Aura skill.

Skills :
Marked for Death: Level 4.6 / Cloak: Level 4.6 / Claw Mastery: Level 4.6 / Bless: Level 2.1 / Vibrant Aura: Level 2.1

The first 3 skill as stated above is a must, Marked for Death give you strong attack using arm, Cloak enable you to hiding, and Claw Mastery increase damage while using claw. For your information, Bless increase damage and defense, meanwhile Vibrant Aura improve HP and MP regeneration. Having these two skill will add benefits for your to farm, as you will need to focus on highest damage and better recovery to avoid MP drain as Cloak uses too much MP.

Equipment :
Officiator Equipment, choose the highest Dex

For Officiator Class all item required Dex, you will not have issue to get any equipment with highest Dex requirement for that give better attributes. Based on the video all item can be bought from Basic Armor, Basic Weapon, and Basic Jewellery using gold.

Potions :
Cooked Meat, Healing Tonic, Candy, Arena Tonic, Magic Tonic, Defense Tonic, Attack Tonic and Strength Tonic

As i said earlier, Warfare game play has been improvise for better gaming experience, no more hassle to farm small and medium gem. You can get medium gem from General Item shop for free.

Strategy :
Highest Damage, Support Buff

Farming metal and gem is always solo, you don’t bring party of 3-4 people. Hence its best to have support buff on your own for better attribute, that’s conclude why choose to have WIS 50 for my character building.


5x Giant Gem chest inserted to your vault :grinning:

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Hi, can I know whether str shadow off is as strong as Dex shadowoff?