Warfare Online - Rune Off Class Build (Farming Metals)

Hello guys, my main char name is Violet Healer, i have been playing Warfare Online for years, beside war i enjoy farming, i just discover new ways of farming metals and i would love to share this to you all.

Class :
Rune Off (Officiator)

Level :
95 (FYI, maximum level has change to 98)

Class Stats :
INT: 292 / DEX: 114 / WIS: 50

This build is specially made for farming, and the aim is to kill monster as faster as you can so that you can earn more metals in a shorter period of time.

Skills :
Meteor Shodwer: Level 4.4 / Venom: Level 4.6 / Electroshock: Level 4.6 / Gaia’s Curse: Level 4.6 / Rend Asunder: Level 4.6 / Vibrant Aura: Level 2.1

For this build we are not going to use Bloody Mana, instead we use Vibrant Aura that allow you recover HP and MP more faster. We aim to learn all skill that deals damage to monster, hence Bloody Mana is not necessary to have.

Equipment :
Officiator Equipment from Shop

Since we are focusing on INT, there’s nothing you get from Beginner Armor Shop except for headgear. Hence, for Armor, Pants and Arm you can just get it from Armor Shop at Map 1. Last but not least, for weapon you can get it from Beginner Weapon Shop, get Scythe Level 7 and make sure to put Sapphire to get better MP recovery. For this build Jeweler is does not give significant attributes, hence i did not get for my char, but you can always have it. You can get it from Beginner Jewelry Store.

Potions :
Cooked Meat, Healing Tonic, Candy, Arena Tonic, Magic Tonic

It may sound not motivating, but truth is this build cant sustain from human attack, hence let’s just focus on getting tonic that give you MP so that you can keep spamming skill on monster.

Strategy :
Highest Damage, Support Buff

This build allow you to spam skill to monster back to back without worrying that your MP going to drain. In addition, this build give high damage to monster so that you can kill them easily and faster. The faster you can kill the monster, the faster you can farm metals.

I hope this guide will help you to farm metal easily, especially for beginners, and if you have any question, feel free to ask me, i am more than happy to help.

5x Giant Gem chest has been inserted to your vault! Keep up the good work.

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