To Warfare admin

I want to make a scam report.
I was using my Attacker ( -1000-MaxSun-Z ) and got scammed by a Shadow character name (KiDo-KiDo) in mercatura on 27/5/2021 at 00.34 GMT+8.

The item was an Attacker 188 STR Rampage Sword
In-game personal message, he told me the sword was +6 (NG) 163-194 9 34 1.5

We met in Mercatura and traded successfully with 5m medal tokens, and found out that the sword was actually +6 WITH GEM 163-194 9 34 1.5

The sword is still with me, I wish this trade does not happened.
It was not a fair trade, please help investigate. Thankyou

bro is the GAME SERVER online? are you guys playing now?