To Guild Masters, My Lords

Dear Warfarians,

As we all know, there is a very important event coming up: 3rd Guild War “The Untamed Champions”! So I thought it would be a great opportunity to collab with Warfare Online once again.

Many people who don’t play Warfare has no idea about this server and how organized and advanced it is. For this purpose, I’d like to invite Guild Masters to do an interview on our Instagram page, both to catch clues from the war strategies of your legendary guilds and to promote Warfare to the over than 1000 people. I’m really curious about what’s your take on this upcoming Guild War. Now is the time for your legendary guild to be recognized by others.

Dear Guild Masters,

If you are interested in this collab with RYLGamers page, please contact me here.

More information will be provided in further correspondence. Note: You are allowed to assign a representative for this interview as well.

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