Temp vs Sin

to all Warfarians,

i have a simple question and i mean no harm…

lately as my 4gb temp farming, 4 low famed sins (farmer sins as per their ingame names) attacked me. their damages were manageable since im a templar. but for them to boom me multiple times and i could not even fight back was annoying.

any tips on how can 1 temp kill atleast 1 sin with equal fame. or should i just /kill and accept that they cannot be caught?

This is not a rant against this server. i just want to know / let known of the given circumstance…

-Concerned Tanker

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Assassins and ShadowOffs are stealth classes while Templars and Defenders are tanks.
Assassins and Shadowoffs survival rates are low but can deal high damage towards their opponents.
Templars and Defenders have high survival rate but the damage dealt towards their opponents is not that high. In that being said, the stealth and tank classes each have their pros and cons. It is only natural that Templars and Defenders have difficulty in killing Assassins and Shadowoffs due to their attributes.

Tip 1: The best way to defeat stealth classes are by working along other Warfarian allies.
Tip 2: Templars also have 3 attacking skills which are known as Weapon Strike, Spur Lash and Fatal Attack. Use these 3 attack skills to deal more damage towards the opponent.