So is there a more efficient way to level at 95?

Can kill the Mutated “X” mobs, haven’t tried bosses nor the other stronger mobs just yet but just trying to find an efficient means to hit 96+.

Currently a Life Ofc so I don’t expect to do considerable damage by any means. In a party I could see it being very easy, but solo it’s a struggle to smack a mob for 100-200 for a few minutes.

Edit : And this is mostly just asking what is the easiest mob if solo, I definitely understand grouping is probably optimal without any real debate.

Hello @nysek

Since you are currently playing as a support class, there is no efficient way to PVM unless you group up due to your damage limitations. Another efficient way to level up to 96 is by participating in wars and earning medals & EXP through PVP. You may then use the medals to purchase EXP balls from other traders in Mercatura.