Season Finale : Event #7 (Jigsaw Event Pieces 5 & 6)

Pieces of 5, pieces of 6,
The bosses who have it are indeed slick.
At Autumn Village they must be killed,
Finders are keepers so be ready quick…

Hunt of the Pherusa’s


Slithering their way into the land where it is fall always, the Pherusa’s have in possession the next jigsaw pieces. Warfarian Puzzle pieces 5 & 6 and Warfarian Stone pieces 5 & 6 will be obtained by slaying the Pherusa Bosses & Mini Bosses at the Autumn Village. They awaken 10PM to 11:40PM (GMT+8) on 26th, 28th & 29th of April 2022 spawning continuously between intervals with these pieces of the jigsaw. Hunt them down and gather the puzzle & stone pieces that they possess.

Let the jigsaw adventures continue…

To find out more about the event visit : Jigsaw Event