Season Finale : Event #5 (Jigsaw Event Pieces 3 & 4)

There’s an adventure at Fort Pendant,
With time & date shown below,
The Goliath’s have something in their possession,
It is the Warfarian Puzzles of red & Stones of Gold

Hunt of the Goliath’s


The fearsome Goliath’s possess Warfarian Puzzle pieces 3 & 4 and Warfarian Stone pieces 3 & 4 . The Goliath Bosses & Mini Bosses arise 10PM & 11:30PM (GMT+8) on 19th & 22nd of April 2022 at Fort Pendant of Arcadia with these pieces of the jigsaw. Hunt them down and gather the puzzle & stone pieces that they possess.

Let the jigsaw adventures continue!

To find out more about the event visit : Jigsaw Event