Season Finale : Event #11 (Jigsaw Event Pieces 9 & +5 Jewel Drops)

Pieces of 9, pieces of last,
The Hyla has it with something else at stash.
A Mysterious antique chest is up for grabs,
Which will fall into a worthy ones hands.

Hunt of the Hyla’s


The Hyla’s, slick and deadly have the last pieces of the Warfarian Puzzle piece 9 and Warfarian Stone piece 9 . Along with these pieces of jigsaw is a very special chest known to have valuable items in its possession, the Mystery Antique Chest.

Bring down the Hyla Bosses & Mini Bosses at the swamps of Bakau as they appear 10PM to 11:30PM (GMT+8) on the 18th, 19th & 20th of May 2022. Spawning continuously between intervals with the final pieces of the jigsaw & the Mystery Antique Chest.

The Mystery Antique Chest which has fallen into the hands of the Hyla contains +5 jewelries many intend to have. It is known that this will allow one to +6 jewelries long desired. So gather the resources offered by bringing down the Hyla’s.


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