Season 16: Guild War #4 Ranking


6th. ExecutoR- 87
7th. Kekasih 48
8th. AIDIL-LAH 21
9th. -Lucifer- 4
10th. MapleStory 4
11th. DarkAngel3 2
12th. GZuild 1
13th. GeeK.Fam 1
14th. Paper-Cina 1
15th. SS United 1

Guild War #4 has ended with a controversial verdict. Based on thorough investigation, several guilds are detected to have low scores but kept consistently dying and fed the scores of the higher guilds. It could be possible that some guilds are manipulating the kill scores by using different guilds as proxies. Guild War #4 rewards will still be given to the Top 3 guild masters as presented. Rest assured, the guild war system will be improved to ensure that such manipulations will not be possible in the future…