Season 16: Guild War #3 Ranking


The verdict of Guild War #3 is out crowning the SnowFlake Guild as The Untamed Champions! Once again the Merkhadians have proven their formation, teamwork and strategies have come out to be the best with 3 consecutive Guild War victories this season. This time, at the Almighty Land, as the war deducted a score upon every death, guilds were careful and planned their attacks. With that, the SnowFlake Guild secured a staggering score of 284.

At second place is the -H.O.F- guild which are also Merkhadians who managed to get a score of 157 in total. They have been steadily winning the Top 2 position back to back. Not far away are the MENGK1LAD from the Kartefants who bravely fought their way up to the 3rd place. The Kartefants of the MENGK1LAD guild climbed up from the 5th place during the last guild war breaking the Top 3 Merkhadian reign sequence in this season’s guild war with a score of 145.

6th. ExecutoR- [111]
7th. CoffeBreak [40]
8th. #HatiTisu [21]
9th. -Monarch- [20]
10th. Apple-X [4]
11th. GGWP. COM [2]
12th. MapleStory [2]
13th. Apple-Xl [1]
14th. K9-GW [1]