Season 16 Final 4 Hours (2 Oct 2021, 8PM-11:59PM GMT+8)


The wars are intensifying as the Final 4 Hours is nearing with the fame requirements to enter the Arena is now set to get the possession of the Salvator items… The Final 4 hours are only worthy for Ace and Warlord’s having a total fame of 1,500,001 and above.

Season 16’s Final 4 Hours is set to take place at the Arena Battlegrounds on the 2nd of October 2021, 8PM to 11:59PM GMT+8. During this, other maps such as Arcadia and the Battle Lohan will be offline and the fame gain will be disabled on all maps except at the Arena Battleground.


Final 4 Hours

On the 2nd of October,
The Arena will host a war,
A war of Ace and Warlords,
For the Salvator…

The Age of Salvation is upon us, Warfarians…

Season 16’s Reward List

The Age of Salvation is about to reach its verdict with the Salvator waiting to be in the arms of the Top Warfarians…


Kartefant Salvator Set


Merkhadian Salvator Set


For more information on Salvator Item Stats visit Salvator Item Stats

Note: Arcadia is now offline until further notice. War will resume at the Arena Battleground