Season 13: Event #7(150% Boost On Classic Armor Stat Rate)

Lately, Armorsmith masters are tempted to make top stat armors with news traveling that Viridians and Gold are held in possession waiting to be used to its full potential. It is said, from the 14th till the 19th of July, Armorsmith masters are working on full capacities in making top stat armors. Upon making these armors, they will then be distributed to the Monsters in Caernarvon and Armor Blackmarket NPC’s at Tesitio (South Coast) & Unite (Leihan) generously.

There was a time where Armor upgrade rates were meddled with long ago and now it’s back this season!
With the abundance in top stat armors, it is said
the chance to obtain a Top Stat Classic Armor has increased to 150%!
Fortunately, it is the perfect time for armor upgrades with all the Gold and Viridians farmed recently!

Top stat classic armor list can be found here:

Note: Bugs found on certain Classic Armor Stat has been fixed.