S> full set defender destroyer

Hello Guys, -SkyDreaMz- here :-

S>full destroyer set def (hood) = 15m
S>ccob d +1 = 7m
S> rop 5b x2 = 6m
S> noc 4b = 1.3m
S> 2h R axe +8: 164~195 8 52 = 5m
S> bronze warlord trophy = 500k
S> 136con shield +8 = 400k

Reason for sale: Focus on real life.
“Feel free to offer, can nego.”
Prefered buy whole item (full all above) , get all below free as a gift and MY WHOLE INVENTORY INCLUDED.
Transfer Tax is YOURS. Only i can help transfer armor (tax on me).

extra item ( all item is free as a gift only if u buy all above):
S> open immortal helm str x2 = 2m each
S> row 3a x2
S> def neck 5a

full inventory

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How can i contact u on FB?