Ready to war? level 97 priest stat!

Hello Warfarians! My name is Erwanshah and I am playing as a priest in WARFARE ONLINE. I love to buff and support my teammates. I have been playing RYL WARFARE for a month now, since I quit playing RYL WARFARE for about two years due to certain reasons.

Character Name :
My IGN (In-game Name) is JMaestro-Jilah

Class :

Level :
JMaestro-Jilah: Level 97

Class Stats :
Since I am focusing on explaining BASIC PRIEST STAT FOR BEGINNER, it is best that I share about the stat of my JMaestro-Jilah stat which is at Level 95 currently. At my current level, my stat for the priest is:
164 CON ( Accordingly to your armor, which is at 160con for PRIEST ARMOR, higher CON resulting in higher HP)
164 WIS (My COURAGE was at 3.5 which required only 164 WIS)

FIRST AID 0.1 (To help purifying your teammates/humans when they were knocked by Akkan(s))

MAGIC CELL 1.2 (Blocks certain damage possible)

4.5 COURAGE (4.5 because WIS only at 164, no need to full because normally CLERIC will have full

4.6 Psalm of Courage (FULL)

4.6 Bright Armor (FULL)

4.5 Conscrete (Contributing MP to your teammates)

Equipment :
Annihilator Set, Shield +8 Blacmoon (DEFENSE), PHANTOM MASK (D) DEX
Charm of Priest +3B, Ring of Caernarvon +4Ax2, Necklace of Endurance +3A

Potions :
I only used normal potion such as HEALTH POTION (RED), MANA POTION (BLUE), ARENA POTION (PURPLE) as well as DEFENSIVE POTION (BLACK). ATTACK POTION (YELLOW) is not required as you are a supporter, not damager/attacker.

Strategy :
As I mentioned earlier, I only used 4.5 COURAGE because CLERIC would have full COURAGE to support the team.
On the other hand, you might wanna change your Psalm of Courage/Aura Attack to Psalm of Bright/Aura Defense when you have 2 priest in one party, and the other one have one of those skills. Which mean, 1 PRIEST will have Aura Attack, and another PRIEST will have Aura Defense. 1 Priest cannot use 2 aura at the same time as only 1 Aura is active at one time. If you pressed on Aura Attack, the Defense Aura will wear off immediately. That is why you need to change it accordingly and make sure each Priest only have 1 Aura at one time, so both Aura (Attack and Defense) have effects on your teammates/party.

It is also important to always use your MANA POTION when you wanted to cast your skills during on the battlefield, or any war because without consuming, any direct damage either magic or physical, will cancelled your effort on casting the skills.

I hope this helps you, and WELCOME TO RYL WARFARE.

mic drop

Hi there, I’m still a newbie in this game. Started about 3 weeks ago, I’m just wondering if there are any tips to farm medals besides war. I’ve been watching your youtube videos and it has been a great help to me! & how much medal would an Annihilator dex armor cost in medals? Thanks for reading my newbie comment :rofl:

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5x Giant Gem chest inserted to your vault
Good job with this content

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ahaha thanks for commenting at the first place bro!

Besides war, I do have tips for you.

  1. FARM FOR GOLD at Addon Keep/Middle Camp by killing those jackal, galeiform, and other easy two skills die mobs. Use sorcerer because it is much more faster. Put target on your farm. I learned this from other farmer that they targeted 4B gold every hour. That 4B gold, you can transform to 3B token, the balance put in your vault for next collection. Each gold token can be sell at the price of 4.5k medals up to 5.5k medals, some even sold it at RM1/1b token.
    Extra note: Maximum gold is 4.2b in inventory and vault.

  2. BOSSING! This is extra for you. If you can join bossing at GMT+8 3AM/3PM everyday, these bossing activities actually helps you to attain more experience percentage to level up your character up to level 98, and these bosses at MAP 2 SAINNA ISLAND/MISERY ISLAND actually drops 5M EXP BALL, 500K EXP BALL, RAMPAGE HELM TOKEN for you to sell it back.
    5M EXP BALL CAN BE SELL AT 2.5K UP TO 5K MEDALS (currently the price is going up)

  3. LEVELING ACTIVITY can also helps you gain medal by looting all the drops from the monster, and selling it back especially the METALS (SPEN, MITCHELL, YITERNI)

I think that is all for now, I hope I help you with something with this reply. Do watch me live on FACEBOOK GAMING STREAMING (JTikusBersinar), I streamed warfare :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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