Rampage Weapon Stats

A collection of Merkhadian(Akkan) Rampage Weapons

St. Contra-cross Hex Hammer (Rampage) 158con - 134~157 9%crit 32ea 5%dr
Hell ripper edge (Rampage) 188str - 154~185 9%crit 34ea 5%dr
Crystal hammer (Rampage) 188wis - 132~159 9%crit 34ea 5%dr
Great Nikkea axe (Rampage) 158con - 116~148 9%crit 32ea 5%dr

Kiss right-arm (Rampage) 165dex - 129~155 12ea 11ed 9mr 39hpr 39mpr
Euterpe right-arm (Rampage) 165str - 129~155 12ea 11ed 9mr 39hpr 39mpr
Demeter right-arm (Rampage) 165str - 156~182 26ea 11ed 9mr 39hpr 39mpr
Liten right-arm (Rampage) 160con - 17.5%dr

Holy knight heart scythe(Rampage) 188int - 125~157 9%crit 30ea 5%dr
Wither(Rampage) 158str - 117~147 9%crit 32ea 5%dr
Crystal spear(Rampage) 188dex - 130~161 9%crit 34ea 5%dr

A collection of Kartefant(Human) Rampage Weapons

Brass button(Rampage) 158con - 99~134 9%crit 39ea 5%dr
Dark Axe (Rampage) 188str - 122~157 9%crit 30ea 5%dr
Splendor Kami crossbow (Rampage) 188dex - 109~142 9%crit 30ea
Wave sword (Rampage) 188str - 124~155 9%crit 30ea 5%dr

Real. Saint dagger (Rampage) 188dex - 103~138 9%crit 30ea 5%dr
Crusade axe (Rampage) 188str - 152~187 9%crit 38ea 5%dr
Kaldrake sword (Rampage) 188str - 154~185 9%crit 38ea 5%dr
Holy grave (Rampage) 158con - 134~157 9%crit 35ea 5%dr

Demon bow (Rampage) 188dex - 109~142 9%crit 30ea
Evil kami wand (Rampage) 188int - 119~152 9%crit 30ea 5dr
Saint tower-shield (Rampage) 136con - 16.5%dr