Question on archer class

Question 1) archer hp is low, ed also low compare to sin …

Question 2) no skill like Evade that can dodge at least 3 spells from akkan
(nobody will use int build to get 3 mana cell block … dmg is low)

Question 3) notice some archer only spam multiple arrow to get fame and medal,
that is disturbing the war, it canceled the stunned akkan, notice
mage need to cast lv3.0 to get aoe stun, but lifeoff can range instant stun without casting,
(cleric will not go infront to cast stun because will die very easy)

i think we can remove the multiple arrow and add hp to archer only, give more survivability to archer, not die to skyrocket easy because too much feed fame is not balance to human also.

Would suggest to give 1500~2000hp to archer and remove multiple arrow.

for people worry of archer become weak : u still can use 2h weapon + pummel for dmg or use blunt for stun close target, this is ok if u added more Hp to archer.

verry2 bad idea :joy:

how stupid archer no multlipy arrow… just change back multliply arrow… pls dont do 0 demage… archer after multiply arrow need to change shield to get block… but sad 0 demage and no fame gain… at least just put half demage when use shield not 0 demage, its kinda sick for archer player to gain fame nowdays