[QUEST] Phantom Mask Quest Guide

Before we begin
Credits to Annbie for this awesome quest guide.

The NPC location for the Helm Mask quest:

For Akkan : North of Clauzhuz
For Human : North West of Vitory

Look for the Phantom Mask NPC and choose the quest for the mask that you want to obtain.


  1. The Shaman Skull Mask Mission

1st task is to find Apu in the Edinburgh Castle

2nd task is look for Don Sena in the Edinburgh Vault

3rd task is to look for the NOKIA Fragment A
Run to the Middle camp and jump on the top of the caravan.

4th task is to look for the NOKIA Fragment B
It is located in Addon Keep near the teleport NPC.

5th task is to look for the NOKIA Fragment C
Located in Vitory.
Look for the big boat in Vitory and climb up to the steering wheel.

6th task is to look for the NOKIA Fragment D
Located on top of the big tree in Clauzhuz

7th task is to look for the NOKIA Fragment E
Located in Wirtz keep, near the HeX Bartender.

8th task is to look for the NOKIA Fragment F
Located in Roche Camp, near the general item merchant.

9th task is to look for the Don Sena
Back to Edinburgh and talk to Don Sena once again so he can merge all the nokia fragment into a nokia handphone.

10th task is to go back to Apu
Give the Nokia phone to Apu in Edinburgh

11th task is to go back to Phantom Mask and get your mask.

  1. Silver Wolve Mask Mission

1st task is to find Spectro The Fat Man
Akkan :
Spectro is drinking near a white house on the Northern area of Clauzhuz.

Human :
Spectro is drinking in the building, West of Vitory.

2nd task is to find the hidden Weed
Akkan :
Go to a house near the Big Tree in Clauzhuz.
The hidden Weed is on the roof.

Human :
It is in the building next to Spectro.

3rd task is to bring the Weed to Spectro.

4rd Talk to Phantom mask in order to retrieve your first puzzle piece for free.

6th task Complete the Puzzle Board
Collect all 16 Puzzle Piece.

Puzzle 1 = Mutated Warrior

Puzzle 2 = Mutated Archer

Puzzle 3 = Mutated Templar

Puzzle 4 = Mutated Attacker

Puzzle 5 = Mutated Shadow

Puzzle 6 = Mutated Gunner

Puzzle 7 = Mutated Defender

Puzzle 8 = Mutated Sorcerer

Puzzle 9 = Transformer

Puzzle 10 = Giant Ormuten

Puzzle 11 = Undead

Puzzle 12 = Kappa Kornu

Puzzle 13 = Kappa Hunter

Puzzle 14 = Kappa Elder

Puzzle 15 = Grim Reaper

Puzzle 16 = Overgrown Bear

Collect all the puzzle Pieces and talk to the Phantom Mask for your helm mask.

  1. Funky Cat Mask Mission

1st task
Muhaimin is located in Grand Pole Valley (GPV)

2nd task
Syahrir is located inside the big building in Edinburgh Castle

3rd task
Solleyapan is located on the top of a big boat In Vitory.

Click him to obtain the fire talisman.

4th task
Rohaida located in ClauzHuz.

Click Rohaida to obtain the earth talisman

5th task
Trumay located near the CAERNAVON letters in the Map (Press L)

Talk to Trumay to obtain the water talisman

6th task Anwar
South of Clauzhuz

Talk to anwar and collect the light talisman

7th task
Ejal is located behind Middle Camp

Talk to ejal and obtain the dark talisman

8th task
Back To Syahrir again in Edinburgh Castle and bring all 5 talisman.

9th task
Jewan is located behind the Middle Camp area near the swamp

Click Jewan and take the decoded scroll

10th task .
Now back To Syahrir in Edinburgh Castle.
Talk to syahrir, give him the scroll you got from Jewan and he will give you the Talisman Of Warfare

11th task
Gave the talisman of warfare to Muhaimin.

12th task
Go back to Phantom Mask and get your helm mask.

  1. Snowman Mask Mission

1st task Find Martin

Human : Martin is located inside the tallest building in Vitory

Akkan : Martin is standing near the tree.

2nd task Collect 2 sets of the 7 colored Gallet and 10 iron

Here is the list of monsters that will drop each specific gallet.

Giant Ormuten, South of Edinburgh Castle = Ancient Gallet (yellow)

Transformers, in the small island far South of Edinburgn Castle = Ancient gallet (red)

The Undead, in front gate of Grand Pole Valley = Ancient gallet (purple)

The Overgrown Bear, in the East side of Roche Camp = Ancient gallet (cyan)

Grim Reaper, inside the Grand Pole Valley = Ancient gallet (blue)

Kappa Hunter, inside Grand Pole Valley = Ancient gallet (green)

Kappa Kornu, inside Grand Pole Valley = Ancient gallet (brown)

Once done, go back to Martin

First, Martin will take 7 pieces of your ancient gallet to make the reduced stone and he’ll said that he failed, he will then give you 1 iron.

don’t worry… talk to martin again and he’ll try the second time.

SUCCESS! the Reduced Stone

Give the reduced stone to the Phantom Mask and claim your Snowman Mask.

  1. Pumpkin Mask Mission

1st task find the Tribal Assassin in Atascadero (Misery island / map 2 akkan)

This quest mobs are located in misery island so look for the teleporter to misery island.

Akkan : Look for the teleporter inside Clauzhuz.

Human : Look for the teleporter around Green Wales

Map 2, talk to Tribal Assassin in Atascadero beside the General Item Merchant in Atascadero

2nd task Meet The Witch Doctor
it’s easy to find the Witch Doctor in Charcoal

3rd task Kill Primus Thonian
Primus Thonian, located behind Bariwine.

4th task Kill Insane Skeleton
Insane Skeleton, located near Charcoal Mountain

5th task Kill Equus Thonian

6th task bring the ingredients to the Witch doctor and collect the soctrum soap

7th task back to the Tribal Assassin
hurry back to the Tribal Assassin in Atascadero to give him the soctrum soap

8th task
now run back to the Phantom Mask to claim your reward

  1. Scream Mask Mission

1st task is to find the Retired Hunter in Sainna Island

Akkan : Use the Sainna island teleporter, south of Clauzhuz near the Coliseum

Human : Use the Sainna island teleporter on vitory

The Retired Hunter located in the town of Adi.

2nd task Kill Gredor

3rd task kill Monk

4th task Retired Hunter
Talk to retired hunter again after completing the mission.

5th task Kill Fatpig
kill 40 Fat Pig and collect the raw pork

6th task give the raw pork to the Retired Hunter

7th task
Go back to Phantom Mask and get your reward.


can we also get the full stats of the individual helmets in this post?

most people only do selective quests if they know exactly the reward is something they need, i think this will be helpful on top of a detailed quest guide.

its silly if i can see exact details about how to complete these quests step by step but have to ask people in game if they have the helmets 1 by 1 to know the different stats of each helmet