[QUEST] How to obtain Ring of RYL (ROR)

Here is a simple guide on how to obtain the Ring of RYL.

  1. Ring of RYL(ROR) can be obtained from Boss hunt or through questing.
  2. You can upgrade your ROR+1 up to +4/+4A/+4B
    Note: The upgrade process has a chance of fail and may result to item loss.

The ROR quest chain starts from the following NPC - depending on which race are you playing in:

For this quest you need to go to Misery Island (Map 2 akkan) and Sainna Island (Map 2 Human)

Here are the items that you need to obtain for this quest:

Here are the monster’s location for each roses that are needed:

You may obtain it from failed enhancements or you may purchase it from other players

Once you are able to gather all of the needed items, go back to the starting NPC and complete the quest line.

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For equilibrium sake :sunglasses:
Could this quest be repeatedly taken once completed ?
It unfortunatelly can be done once.


Thank you for your feedback, we will see what we can do on this case to make the item availability more accessible to everyone.


Hi Gm, can just delete the quest and make the ring available in npc? It doesnt look special compare to row, why need ppl spend so many time for this?

Thanks for the suggestion, we will discuss on this one and figure out what’s best for the RoR.


GM, can you fix image in this guide?

Yeah…there is a chance for failure, it take a long time to complete the quest. Maybe if the success rate is 100%, this quest acceptable to complete.

By the way…what is the level required to accept this quest?
i’m on level 95 but cant find any quest trigger

Hello @IskandarDz
This quest has been removed due to the fact that players now may obtain upgraded ROR rings from bossing.

anybody know where
to farm toss?