[QUEST] How to obtain Crescent Moon Ang Pau

Here is a simple guide on how to obtain the Crescent Moon Ang Pau.

A. Babysitting Quest for Crescent Moon Ang Pau

Note: The monster’s that you are hunting in these quest lines may drop unique items that are useful for the Rampage quest so if you are planning to do the Rampage quest in the future, it is advised to keep those unique items for the rampage quest line here : [QUEST] A guide for the Rampage quest - #2

Step 1 : Meet Brain at GPV

Step 2 : Meet Syahira at GPV

Step 3 : Meet Sarah at Roche Camp

Step 4 : Meet Priya at GPV

Step 5 : Meet Sathiya at middle of the map

Step 5 : Meet Hui Yun at middle of island

Step 6 : Find Talib at Clauzhuz/Vitory to claim a reward

Additional Information.
You may also obtain Crescent Moon Ang Pau through monster drop.

These group of monsters has a chance to drop Crescent Moon Ang Pau:

Mini Flame Demon
Mini Lion Queen
Mini SK
Mini Abomy
Mini Merman King
Mini Baphomet
Mini Diablo
Mini Queen Of Pain
Mini Three Headed Queen
Mini Eter
Mini Skeleton King
Mini Gorep King
Mini Elemental God
Mini TreeBeard

Flame Demon
Lion Queen
Merman King
Queen Of Pain
Three Headed Queen
Skeleton King
Gorep King
Elemental God

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