Priest farmer build

BUILD Priest Farmer


160con armor (begginer or classic top stats).
Top stats is 160 with 117 32 2200 2200, but what really matters is the def, try to find the highest def you can get and put the def stones on armor +6.

can use the HELMET Scream Maks +9 Wis (which gives more defense)

Sword or Ax 2h. Whatever, use the best you can find.

Rings and necks depend on choice, I prefer to use att ring, and def neck and charm of def. But if your priest doesn’t have that much def yet, it’s better to get a def neck.


Sword / Ax Mastery 4.6 (depends on your weapon)
Encourage 4.5 (maximum that gives)
Blessed Armor 4.6
Psalms of Courage 4.6 (increases damage, or if you don’t have a good def, use psalm of Light)
Vampire Kiss 1.1 (to pull)

Tip: use a +9 int helm to gain an extra skill, so you can have 96 skills, then remove it and put the wis helm back.

2x Gem chest has been inserted to your vault!