Pre Alpha-0 Key Holders Selection


The selection process has started for Pre Alpha-0 Key holders of the New Game from the Web Account Transfer Registration list to serve as Game Testers. These eligible participants will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the initial stages of the game and make a meaningful impact on its development.

In Pre Alpha-0, the game will be functional but still in need of multiple rounds of testing and bug fixing. This exciting opportunity offers players the chance to experience the New Game in its early stages and contribute to its growth.

The New Game is its own entity, separate from Warfare Online in terms of design and branding, as it will be built using the Unreal Engine 5 platform. Updates on the selection process and Pre Alpha-0 testing phase will be provided periodically with chosen participants reached out via their Web Account Transfer Registration ticket submitted.


Been waiting for this… Finger cross…


Wow. Top player.

dear warfare,

I hope to get a chance to participate in pre-alpha-0

best regards

Me nub sir… u are pro warrior op

I was hoping for this info. Can’t wait to play the New game! Miss it so much! I wish you fruitful worka Warfare Team!

Been a few years since I played RYL but glad to see someone is updating it and trying something new. Cant wait to give it a try when it officially comes out.

Lovely, finally we can play at good srv
Btw when u think the srv start an official ?

ada makan2 ka?
Hope Can Join ALpha 0 ASAP !!

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i hope i can too :slight_smile:

Is the new server official start ? I can’t wait liao :pray::pray:

Any way to join the Alpha? tons of years of experiense and just opend up some spare time
Started playing back in 99 on the malaysian servers and continued to the northamerican that became POTE, and basiclly all the private servers after that

It has been 3 months since this post had posted, any update of the progress on the key holders selection or progress on game testing?

does anyone have any information about when it will open we missed warfare ?

No info since 31 January :frowning: Please Warfare Team, give us some news on the progress. Hundreds of players have been looking forward to see new posts. Hard to wait so much time…